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European Heat Summit 2017

June 2017


European Heat Summit 2017

Delta-EE’s European Heat Summit 2017 took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, and explored disruption, change and opportunity in European heating markets.



Day 1

Heat Pumps and the Electrification of Heat Roundtable

Electric heating is already established in certain segments of the European heating market, and its deployment is gathering pace, driven in large part by policies to decarbonise heat. The increasing integration of heat with the electricity sector is also creating opportunities for new value generation.

This invitation-only roundtable discussion will explore the opportunities that are opening up for players in the electric heating market, the new business models that can be deployed, and the challenges that will arise to both existing and new players.

State of the European Heat Pump Market

Key industry trends and future outlook – discussion led by Delta-EE

Developments & requirements from a policy perspective – discussion led by Thomas Nowak, EHPA

Can innovative business models help overcome barriers to growth in the heat pump industry?

Discussion led by Delta-EE with guest speakers, Pasi Eskelin, St1 Local Heat & Simon Schmitz, Founder / CEO, aWATTar GmbH

How can the industry seize opportunities to grow the market for electrification of heat?

Micro-CHP and Low Carbon Gas Roundtable

Condensing gas boilers are not the end point for gas in European heating markets – but what will be the next step?  The opportunity for micro-CHP continues to excite many, while other contenders such as gas driven heat pumps and ‘boiler plus’ are also gradually moving forwards and being positioned for market growth.

This exclusive roundtable discussion will explore the latest status of the global micro-CHP sector, how opportunities for all new gas technologies can be exploited, the opportunities that will arise as a result and the challenges these will create for players in the gas heating value chain.

State of the European Micro-CHP & Low Carbon Gas Heating Markets
Overview of market status and key industry trends– presentation and discussion led by Delta-EE

Gaining traction with new gas: Lessons learned from trials, launches and emerging market hotspots
Insights from specially selected guest speakers and discussion led by Delta-EE
Adrian Richardson, Head of Microgen, Centrica / Director, Clear Blue Energy Ltd
Kristofer Fichtner, CTO, Thermondo
Donald Williams, CEO, M-Trigen

Beyond the boiler: How will gas appliances secure a role in Europe’s future energy mix?

The European heating market is already showing the first signs of change in a journey that will be characterised by disruption. New business models, propositions and routes-to-market are emerging with growing frequency, while new lower carbon products and technologies will increasingly take market share from boilers and other conventional supply options.

Consumer needs and wants are better informed and ever-changing based on wider choice. Connectivity in appliances will be the rule rather than the exception, and interfaces between the electricity and heating markets are growing in scale and complexity.

This invitation-only Summit was a unique opportunity to hear about the very latest heat market developments, learn new insight and meet with fellow industry leaders.

How will policy interventions drive market change?

  • Michael Brown, Director, Delta-EE
  • Federica Sabbati, Secretary General, EHI
  • Pallas Agterberg, Head of Strategy, Alliander
  • Chris Stark, Director of Energy and Climate Change, Scottish Government
  • Richard Howard, Head of Energy and Environment, Policy Exchange

How will technology developments drive the fragmentation of the market?

  • Lukas Bergmann, Senior Analyst, Delta-EE
  • Phil Caldwell, CEO, Ceres Power
  • Mark Wilkins, ‎Senior Strategic Portfolio Manager, Vaillant
  • Stuart McKinnon, Horizon Scanning Engineer, Energy Systems Catapult

How will changes in customer needs and wants, the role of installers, and digitalisation shape the market?

  • Steven Ashurst, Senior Analyst, Delta-EE
  • Jens Dertenkötter, Owner, Dertenkötter Haustechnik
  • Marius Mrosek, Ex. Assist CDO & Digital Project Manager, Viessmann
  • Paul van der Hoeven, Senior Innovation Manager, Eneco
  • Kristofer Fichtner, CTO/Founder, Thermondo

New business models and opportunities in the coupling of the electricity and heat sectors

  • Jon Slowe, Director, Delta-EE
  • Jens Martin, Manager Solution Delivery B2C/SME, E.ON
  • Rowena McCappin, Project Director, Dimplex
  • Kenny Cameron, VP Business Development, UK and Ireland, VCharge (OVO Energy)
  • Didier Zwierski, COO, tiko


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