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European Digital Energy Summit 2018

April 2018


Heat Summit 2019 (10)

The European Digital Energy Summit 2018 took place in Edinburgh, Scotland. The event brought together energy, heating, smart home and banking sectors and expanded guests’ knowledge of a complex and dynamic market.



Day 1

Session 1 – Smart meters and customer engagement: market landscape

Session 2 – Energy insights – taking it to the next level

Peter Jacobs, Head of Product & Innovation, ONZO

Clement Le-Liepvre, Business Development Director, Edelia, EDF Group

Ronald Root, Senior Data Driven Business Developer, Eneco

Salim Popatia, VP Business Development, Ecotagious
Mark Rodman, VP International Sales, Bidgely


Session 3 – Psychology of energy behaviour – what energy companies can learn from behavioural economics

Håkan Ludvigson, CEO, Eliq
Dr. Guy Champniss, Vice President Insight & Outreach, Enervee & Visiting Professor, IE Business School
Dr. Kiki Koutmeridou, Behavioural Science Strategist, Donor Voice
Dr. Rebecca Hafner, Research Fellow at Plymouth University


Session 4 – Engaging the prosumer

Jochen Schneider, CEO of Coneva (SMA)

Martin Allman, Country Director, Sonnen

Michiel Ooms, Co-Founder & Product Lead, Powerpeers 


Session 5 – Disruptive models for the traditional utility leveraging data

Jane Lucy, CEO, Labrador

Bill Goldie, Commercial Manager, Verv

Day 2

Session 1 – Delta-EE state of the connected home market

Session 2 – Home energy management – how to untap the value of energy management

Tessa Haverland, Business Development Manager, Vattenfall

Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO, GEO

Toby Ferenczi, Managing Director, VCharge at OVO Energy


Session 3 – Enabling home services customers are willing to pay for

Jessica Tan, Chief Product Officer, Thermondo
Joeri Marien, Head of Business Development & Partnership Management – Benelux, AXA Partners
Simon Charvolin, Product Manager, Sowee

Franck Charlouty, Senior Manager, BearingPoint


Session 4 – Remote Boiler Diagnostics – the next step in connected energy services?

Kryzystof Meinicke, Comfort Controls Business Lead, Honeywell

Ian Hutton, Boiler IQ Product Manager, Hive


Session 5 – Connected room controls one year later: what have we learned about customers and the market?

Giuliano Ghidini, Marketing Director – Residential Controls, Schneider Electric
Marius Lissautzki, CEO and Co-Founder, Tink
Sam Dawson-Smith, Product Manager Smart Home and Connected Products, Bosch


Session 6 – Future of the connected home gateway 

Larry Poon, COO, ImonT Technologies
Matthieu de Broca, International Business Development Director, Overkiz

Marcel Timmer, Chief Product Officer, Quby

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