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The following are a list of events which Delta-EE will either be attending or speaking at. Please contact us for more information.

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    The switch to EV will see multi-million pound revenues transferring from petrol forecourts onto domestic energy bills.

    But how best to ensure energy companies are charged and ready for the opportunities that EVs bring.

    Join us to find out. Head of EVs will present on this webinar.

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    Roxanne Pieterse, Analyst and manager of Delta-EE's Heating Business Service, will speak at this event on The Future of Servitisation in an Evolving World.

    Hosted by BASE, the E-Summit will highlight how the game-changing CaaS business model works in various regions and sectors. The free-to-attend virtual event will feature several case studies as well as various technical sessions on the contractual arrangements, pricing models, financial structures, and more.

    The E-Summit will bring together business and building managers, financial institutions and investment funds, cooling equipment manufactures and contractors, energy service companies, and experts from various disciplines interested in the mechanics of the model.

    From anywhere in the world, you will be able to join and debate with industry leaders on important questions such as:

    • How can we implement CaaS for our industry?
    • What are the benefits of CaaS?
    • Where has CaaS been implemented already and which technologies have been already deployed with CaaS?
    • What are the typical financial returns of CaaS?
    • How does CaaS leverage the value of digital technologies?
    • And how do we overcome the challenges to deploy CaaS at scale?

    Register here.

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    Berlin, Germany Categories: Attending

    John Murray, Delta-EE Head of EVs, will speak at EV Charging Infrastructure 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Register here.

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    Most of us take for granted that we can have warm homes and hot water when we want them. Today around 90% of the UK’s 29 million homes rely directly on unabated fossil fuels to provide this, making a significant contribution to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.
    Meeting our net zero target will require radical change from the status quo on home comfort – both at the individual building level, and the energy system level. But how “best” to decarbonise heat is a complex area, with no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Electric heating technologies – including heat pumps – are one potential solution, but the UK lags behind many other countries in making the move to high-efficiency electric heating.
    At the same time, the retail energy market in the UK – as elsewhere - is being transformed by three mega trends:-

    • The move from product & commodity sales, to selling services
    • The opportunities being unlocked by data & digitalisation
    • The growing need for flexibility, across the energy system.

    In this talk, Cate Lyon, Senior Analyst, will present Delta-EE’s views on the current UK heating market, what developments we can expect to see next in how we heat and cool our homes, and how the wider changes happening in the energy system are increasingly influencing what will happen with heat.

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    Matthew Myers, Senior Analyst, will present on 4D Heat: can flexible domestic electric heating help reduce wind curtailment? at this event. The event is free to attend online - find out more information and register today.

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