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How to best develop position and activities to succeed in the rapidly growing eMobility market

Previously the EVs & Electricity Research Service.

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"Electrification of transport, growth in distributed energy, and the growth of mobility services are colliding. This is bringing large-scale disruption, a collision of industries, a range of opportunities.

Coupled with this, the emerging EV charging market is complex – a mix of infrastructure, services, charging in different locations and more.

Together, these trends bring a host of opportunities – and challenges. They could fundamentally reshape the relationship between energy and customers."
John Murray, Electric Vehicles expert
  • Where and how are customers charging and how will this evolve?
  • What's the size of the EV charging market and how is it segmented?
  • What are the leading innovations and best practices in EV charging, where are they being adopted and how fast?
  • What is the competitor landscape for different markets, roles and segments, and how will this evolve?
  • Where is the value in the market today - and how will this change over time?

Delta-EE's EV Charging Service provides data, analysis, insight and opinion on how markets are developing, supporting you to develop the best approach, identifying and acting on the best opportunities for your business in this complex and fast-growing market.

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Recently published reports

The Cost of Home EV Charging
The adoption of EVs is creating one of the greatest new sources of revenue for residential electricity suppliers across Europe, but exactly how much value is there? This report presents a model for analysing the cost of EV charging across six markets in Europe and explores how electricity suppliers are building EV propositions to capture this value.
City eBus: The Emergence of Energy Opportunities
The eBus market across Europe is seeing continued rapid growth. This report examines the reasons behind this growth, considering the challenges and different emerging business models, and assess the opportunities across Europe.
European Chargepoint Forecasts: 2020-30
2020-2030. Detailed annual installation forecasts across six major charging segments. Updated for five countries.
Who is the EV customer and how do they charge?
Delta-EE surveys 600 BEV & PHEV owners across key markets to understand their motivations for going EV, their approach to buying EVs, where and how they charge, eMobility products and tariffs.​
database showing EV charging information

Electric Vehicles Charging Provider Database

Use this database to:

  • define the key roles in EV charging
  • look up particular companies and organisations
  • understand who is participating in which territories
  • discover partnerships, acquisitions and investments.

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