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How can we best use energy insights to enhance residential customer engagement and create value for us and our customers?

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"Energy companies do not have a history for delivering customer-centric solutions, yet consumer expectations have escalated, driven by amazing digital experiences in other sectors.

Technology advances from smart meter rollouts, the smart home and new energy tech provide the opportunity to transform these residential customer relationships and accelerate energy efficiency initiatives. Commercial pressures from increasing competition and cost reduction programmes and societal pressures to address the climate emergency provide the impetus for the energy sector to act.

Energy insights – the consumption data and interface for residential energy customer to access and benefit from – lies at the heart of many customer engagement strategies. They are playing a central role in transforming the relationship between energy company and its customer, in creating value for both, and in bringing the consumer along the energy transition journey."
David Trevithick, Energy Insights expert
  • What approaches are being adopted in bringing energy insights services to market?
  • Who should we be partnering with to access the right experience and technical skills?
  • What's working, what's not, and what's showing the most promise?
  • Where's the evidence of energy insights unlocking commercial value?
  • How do we best use energy insights to maximise customer engagement and satisfaction?
  • How will energy insights evolve as the transition from old to new energy gathers pace?

Delta-EE's Energy Insights + Research Service answers all these questions and enables you to enhance residential customer engagement activity by providing data, analysis, insight and opinion on the energy insights market, players and solutions across Europe. 

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Recently published reports

Social comparisons: what makes a well-designed and compelling social comparisons model?​
This report will explore the key challenges to consider in adopting social comparisons and the approaches that energy retailers are using and their relative strengths and weaknesses.
Disaggregation: how do the different approaches compare?
This viewpoint reveals the differences between disaggregation approaches in terms of technology, cost and performance, and how energy retailers should navigate the different solutions?
Commercial value of energy insights: Industry survey results (Report 1)
This report will draw from an industry survey to understand which value streams energy retailers see energy insights solutions facilitating, and capture their views on the evidence base behind investment decisions.
Database of energy insights solutions
This database includes the product functionality, technical information and usage statistics of the customer-facing energy insights solutions in Europe today.

Energy Insights Customer Engagement Database

This database tracks:

  • Information on market shares by energy suppliers across Europe
  • Number of electricity and gas customers per company and switching rates
  • Key customer engagement metrics such as monthly app users and downloads, time spent per App, App rating and more
  • Country comparison across Europe