European Market Monitor on Energy Storage (EMMES)

The definitive analysis of European energy storage markets

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Front-of-Meter and Behind-the-Meter market data

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Key trends and forecasts to 2020

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The impact of European policy, now and in the future

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Important drivers and barriers in each market

EMMES is produced by leading new energy research consultancy Delta-EE, in close partnership with EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy)

  • Based upon primary research with leading companies and stakeholders, many of whom are members of EASE
  • Market data that companies can rely on, and is updated annually
  • Analysis of EU policy and all the main country markets in Europe – segmenting the residential, commercial/industrial and Front-of-Meter sectors

The fifth edition EMMES 5.0 report updates and extends the previous report (EMMES 4.0) published in March 2020:

  • Country energy storage data (2015-2020)
    • Installed base in the residential, C&I and Frontof-Meter segments
    • Battery sales in the residential and C&I sectors
    • Key developments that explain market trend
  • Forecast of country energy storage markets for 2021
  • Summary of recent market developments
  • Latest update and status of EU policy developments
  • Market hot topic: for EMMES 5.0 this focuses on electricity system network charges

Comprehensive geographical coverage of Europe:

France, Germany, Italy, UK,
Central/Eastern Europe, Iberia, Nordics, Rest of Europe


Looking at three major segments: Residential, Commercial/Industrial (C&I), Front-of-Meter

Extended summary of the overall status and trends across Europe

Market Hot Topic: local flexibility markets