In the latest issue of Argus LPG World, Cate Lyon discusses the current and future market development for novel gas-driven technologies like micro-CHP and gas heat pumps. This follows on from a landmark study undertaken by Delta-ee and the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) which concluded that gas heat pumps and micro-CHP could play a significant role in the decarbonisation of the UK heating sector. Download the article here.

Heating technology eligibility in new-build dwellings: Heat Pumps. Download the Whitepaper here.
Lindsay Sugden spoke at the IEA Heat Pump Conference which took place from 12-16 May in Montreal. In Session 6, titled "Innovative Technologies and General Applications", Lindsay discussed the outcomes of recent research undertaken by Delta-ee on smart heat pumps and hybrid technologies. Download Lindsay's presentation slides here.
A new article written by Lindsay Sugden, Principal Analyst, has been published in the January issue of Heat Pumps Today. The article - titled 'Overcoming the Human Barriers to Heat Pumps' gives an insight into success stories from Europe. Read the article here.
On 6th February 2014, 40 delegates from Europe’s leading utilities, major heat pump manufacturers, and selected key stakeholders, met to explore how the heat pump market will develop and resulting synergies with energy markets. Read our Roundtable highlights report here.

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