Webinar Slides: EMMES 2.0 is here


Webinar Slides: EMMES 2.0 is here

This webinar took place on Thursday 19th July 2018.  Join this webinar to find out:

• How has the overall European storage market developed over the last 6 months? 
• What are the trends in three major energy storage segments shaping the market and how will this change in the next 2 years? 
• How is European policy affecting the market today and shaping it into the future? 

During the webinar we will share highlights from the 2nd edition of European Market Monitor for Energy Storage (EMMES 2.0) which was published in July of 2018 and is now available for purchase. EMMES is the definitive analysis of the European markets for energy storage and how they are developing. EMMES is produced by leading ‘new energy’ research and consulting company Delta Energy & Environment (Delta-ee), in close partnership with EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy). 

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