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Last Updated: 21st October 2021

Le marché des bornes de recharge va-t-il exploser ?

Oui, très certainement.

A la vitesse anticipée par le gouvernement ?

Non, l’infrastructure française à trop de retard pour les objectifs de 100 000 bornes de recharges publiques d’ici la fin 2021

Last Updated: 21st October 2021

Our research identifies that there are three groupings of OEMs in relation to eMobility ecosystem solutions. Find out more in this whitepaper.

Last Updated: 15th July 2020

European EV Chargepoint forecasts to 2030: Segmented by Home, Workplace & Public (Destination, On-Street and Transit)

Last Updated: 08th July 2020

Growth in electric vehicles ( is accelerating across Europe, with the number of EVs on the road increasing five fold between 2014 and 2019 and now reaching up to 70 of new vehicle sales in market leading country, Norway. We expect to see this growth trajectory continuing, with the number of EVs on the road in Europe increasing from 2 million in 2020 to approximately 40 million by 2030 as increased funding is poured into the sector by governments as part of post COVID 19 stimulus packages and decarbonisation incentives, giving the private sector confidence to invest. This anticipated growth has led to aggressive ‘land grabbing’ in the EV charging sector over the last five years, as companies compete for the technology, chargepoint locations and strategic partnerships that will be crucial for future success.

To identify the trends driving the market, we have leveraged Drake Star’s unique insight into the transactions that have occurred in the EV charging sector to date, categorising transactions by transaction type, valuation, role in the value chain and type of acquiring or investing company. A full list of these transactions is available in the appendix. This insight has been combined with Delta EE’s analysis on the business models being developed by EV charging companies, the future growth of this sector and market intelligence on the player landscape. To give a more comprehensive overview of how sector dynamics are reshaping the industry, we have exclusively interviewed some of the leading executives within the EV Charging and New Energies domain.

We would like to thank Daniel Lyons (GM New Business Development, Future Mobility at Shell), Franz Weber (Co founder CFO, The Mobility House), Jelle Vastert (SB Energy, Former Director of Global EV Charging at Tesla), Massimo Resta ( Zouk Capital, investor in EO Charging, Liberty Charge, InstaVolt and BePower for sharing their valuable insights.

chart showing development of EV investment

Last Updated: 05th May 2020

Across Europe, car and van fleets are increasingly moving to EV. This is creating a distinct customer segment that EV charging providers are tailoring propositions for. With this in mind, Delta-ee will share some of its latest insights from the EVs & Electricity Research Service. In this webinar, we will discuss:

• What are the different needs for fleet customers?

• What is the fleet EV charging value chain?

• What key approaches are emerging and what does this mean for different companies in this sector?

• Case studies of leading European propositions

The recording can be viewed below:

Last Updated: 05th May 2020

V2G is an exciting technology poised to have a considerable impact on electricity systems and our experience of transport and energy. Read the latest Whitepaper from our EVs and Electricity Research Service Team.

Last Updated: 05th May 2020

In this webinar, Delta-ee’s EV team explore the developing European market for smart charging solutions.

Offering insights from the EV & Electricity Research Service, we explore:

• Trends in smart charging technologies,
• How smart charging activities offer energy system values,
• Emerging end customer benefits,
• Example leading-edge solutions

You can watch the webinar on Youtube at: https://youtu.be/wYBFyPkQizs.

Last Updated: 05th May 2020

A Delta-EE Whitepaper based on a Roundtable event held with Octopus Energy, NewMotion and Enedis

Last Updated: 05th May 2020

Access to public charging infrastructure is widely considered a critical enabler for EV uptake. With combined public sector pressure and commercial opportunity, Europe’s public charging market is developing fast and Energy stakeholders are eager to not miss out. In this webinar, Delta-EE will share some of its research into this market, answering questions such as:

- Where are Europe’s chargepoints and how do countries differentiate from each other?
- How should I segment the public charging market?
- Where does the investment come from and what are the business models?
- Who are the market leaders today?

Last Updated: 08th February 2019

Originally published in PV Magazine, on 4th January 2019.

Last Updated: 14th August 2018

This article was written by Alexander Lewis-Jones, manager of Delta-ee's EVs & Electricity Research Service, and published by PV Magazine in August 2018: https://www.pv-magazine.com/.

Last Updated: 08th February 2018

This webinar from the Electric Vehicles & Electricity team took place on Thursday 8th February, 2018. Find out more about our EV research at www.delta-ee.com/EVs.

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