Free Research Downloads

Free Research Downloads

Free document downloads from Delta-EE's research team. These include public reports, webinar slides and whitepapers.

Last Updated: 24th February 2021

Following our whitepaper “5 things that investors should know”, we have decided to help energy companies at the start of another tough year by providing key insights from our European customer research.

For an effective energy transition the use of renewable energy sources is not enough. A wide adoption of energy efficient technologies and behavioural change is needed to unlock the real potential of distributed renewable energy sources.

However, innovation and technologies alone are not enough to convince energy customers to buy products that would accelerate the transition. Here is why.

Last Updated: 04th January 2021

Published in December 2020 in Raconteur, by The Times, the Future of Infrastructure discusses taking on the net zero challenge. Delta-EE's EV research team talks about the Road to making the electric dream a reality. Featuring insights from other key industry experts.

Last Updated: 05th May 2020

Delta-EE's Capability Statement - giving details of all our subscription-based research services, and consultancy experience, translated into Japanese.

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