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How to succeed in the global distributed power market

Silvestros Vlachoupolos

"The energy landscape is changing. This change is centred around decarbonisation and decentralisation. There is a move away from carbon-intensive, large-scale, centralised power generation towards lower carbon-intensive fuels and smaller-scale distributed power generation.

This brings opportunities for the gas engine market to grow, as gas engines are well placed to assist the energy transition – but also challenges, as regulations evolve and competition from other technologies increases."
Silvestros Vlachoupolos, Distributed Power expert
  • Which countries have the biggest market opportunities now?
  • Which customer segments should we focus your sales on, and how?
  • How well-positioned are we - on a national, regional and global level?
  • What are the emerging opportunities that we should focus on?
  • How will markets develop inthe future, and what are the key factors affecting this?

Delta-EE's Distributed Power Service enables you to be successful in global gas engine markets by providing data, analysis, insights and opinion on the markets, opportunities, customer types and competitor positioning.

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Recently published reports

What are the opportunities for the deployment of gas engines in data centres?
Are there opportunities for gas engines ≥400 kWe to be deployed in data centres and take advantage of this sector’s growth? Delta-EE expects gas engines can grow their annual installations in data centres worldwide from ~110 MWe in 2019 to ~620 MWe in 2025. Growth beyond this could be brought through green gas developments, more stringent emission regulations or tapping into additional revenue streams by providing flexibility services to the grid.
Global Distributed Power Market Report
Using deep insight from our individual Gas Engine Country Reports (see below) and wider market knowledge from Delta-EE’s Distributed Power research team, we have compiled a regional – and global – view of the world’s distributed power market today with forecasts to 2023. This report contains data for gas, diesel, oil, and dual-fuel reciprocating engines, small gas turbines, solar PV, wind turbines and electrochemical energy storage for 6 global regions (North America; Europe, South Asia / South East Asia / Pacific; East Asia; Africa / Middle East / CIS; and South America), as well as key commentary for each of the major markets within each region.
Global Gas Engine Statistics: COVID-19 Update
In this report, we estimate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global gas engine market, by using a bottom-up approach. First we considered the impact on different client groups, then we used our knowledge of how important these client groups are on a country or regional level, which led to an update of our previous global gas engine forecast. The end result showed a reduced gas engine market for 2020, but recovering from 2021 onwards.
UK Market Report
Delta-EE forecasts that the >400 kWe gas engine market will likely decline from ~645 MWe installed in 2019 to ~590 MWe in 2024. Installations are expected to drop to ~300 MWe in 2020 due to the shortfall of projects in the pipeline caused by the temporary suspension of the Capacity Market during 2018 – 2019 and delays arising from the COVID-19 crisis.
energy prices database

C&I Energy Prices Database

This database provides:

  • Historical and forecasted electricity and gas prices
  • Country by country comparison
  • This information for over 40 countries

Distributed Power Sales and Forecasts

This database provides:

  • gas engine figures from our country reports and Global Statistics report
  • annual installed capacity
  • installed units
  • typical applications
  • total installed base capacity