Flexibility Research

Capturing opportunities in the growing demand side flexibility market

robin adey-johnson

"Demand side flexibility is a rapidly growing part of our energy systems, and is set to play a major role in the transition to new energy.

Advances in technology, data analytics and electricity market regulation are opening a wide array of opportunities across many different value streams.

Companies are responding by developing a range of products, business models and partnerships to better position themselves in this complex and dynamic market."
Robin Adey-Johnson, Flexibility expert
  • Where is the value for demand side flexibility and how will this change?
  • What are the business models that will enable us to succeed with demand side flexibility?
  • What technologies - software, hardware, platforms and data analytics do we require to be successful?
  • How is demand side flexibility competing with other sources of flexibility - and how will it do so in the future?
  • How will the demand side flexibility ecosystem evolve, and who should we partner with?

Delta-EE's Flexibility Research Service provides data, analysis and opinion that enable you to evolve the right positioning and to identify, understand and capture the growing opportunities from demand side flexibility. 

abstract background

Recently published reports

Fundamentals of flexibility
This reports offers a guide to the key elements of the electricity system including the need for flexibility market players and value streams. The report concludes with the Delta-EE view on how flexibility value streams will change from 2025 onwards.
Route to market platforms
Despite the growth of flexible assets they are not always technically or legally able to access value streams (both within a market and across markets). Thus, there has been a rise in route to market platforms that enable assets to trades (or be traded by the platform service provider) to enable market access and value generation.
What is a Virtual Power Plant?
There are many different and conflicting definitions of a VPP. Without a clear definition this makes comparison and evaluation difficult. In this report we present our definition of a VPP along with 6 essential elements. Companies are increasingly specialising within these function and are forming partnerships to form the full VPP value chain and our outlined in this report.
2020: A new peak in the French demand side flexibility market
This report explores how developed the French demand side flexibility market is, and size and nature of the assets being utilised. It also evaluates the current value streams and main market players.
ancillary prices database

Ancillary Prices Database

This database provides:

  • Details on all the ancillary services
  • Prices in €/MW/h per year, per country, per service
  • More specific monthly or weekly data since 2013
  • All this information for Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland