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Capturing opportunities in the growing demand side flexibility market

philippa hardy

"Demand side flexibility is a rapidly growing part of our energy systems, and is set to play a major role in the transition to new energy.

Advances in technology, data analytics and electricity market regulation are opening a wide array of opportunities across many different value streams.

Companies are responding by developing a range of products, business models and partnerships to better position themselves in this complex and dynamic market."
Philippa Hardy, Flexibility expert
  • Where is the value for demand side flexibility and how will this change?
  • What are the business models that will enable us to succeed with demand side flexibility?
  • What technologies - software, hardware, platforms and data analytics do we require to be successful?
  • How is demand side flexibility competing with other sources of flexibility - and how will it do so in the future?
  • How will the demand side flexibility ecosystem evolve, and who should we partner with?

Delta-EE's Flexibility Research Service provides data, analysis and opinion that enable you to evolve the right positioning and to identify, understand and capture the growing opportunities from demand side flexibility. 

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Recently published reports

Flexibility Services for Distribution System Operators: State of the Market and DSO Flex Pricing
This report provides an overview of the DSO demand side flexibility (DSF) market. It looks at the progress across Europe of DSOs procuring DSF for different purposes, and the key drivers that incentivise leading DSOs to action. It covers how and why DSOs are starting to procure DSF and the different values offered to DSF providers by DSOs, giving an example of how a DSO might go about determining the maximum value that DSF can provide. The report also covers how DSOs set the market price of DSF, how this compares to other revenue streams for providers of flexibility and the market growth potential in this space.
Time-of-use Tariff Database
This file contains prices and tariff structures of residential time-of-use electricity tariffs in Europe and Internationally.
2019 EU Demand Side Flexibility (DSF) Market Monitor
This file contains Delta-EE's 2019 European Market Monitor for Demand Side Flexibility findings and results. We analysed 21 European markets on the level of market activity of demand side flexibility, based on evidence found through primary research. We identified 5 categories to research in order to rate market activity, these were: 1. Availability and accessibility of DSF to value streams 2. Monetisation of DSF in value streams; 3. Breadth of asset types used for DSF; 4. Breadth of customer segments engaged with DSF; 5. Number of stakeholders active with DSF
Platforms for enabling Demand Side Flexibility
This report offer a definition for demand side flexibility and categorises four demand side flexibility platforms looking in detail at their capabilities, value streams and business examples. It also suggests future interactions and interoperability of demand side flexibility platforms.
ancillary prices database

Ancillary Prices Database

This database provides:

  • Details on all the ancillary services
  • Prices in €/MW/h per year, per country, per service
  • More specific monthly or weekly data since 2013
  • All this information for Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland

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