During 2012 the Delta-ee Microgen Insight team completed an extensive customer research programme covering RSLs, social housing associations, building developers, self builders and owner occupiers. This customer research has produced a rich database of evidence which allows us to explore the awareness of, and attitudes towards, microgeneration; the factors that influence customers to consider buying microgeneration; and what they are most willing to pay for.

Our completed research with owner-occupiers includes four focus groups; an on-line survey with 1,000 home owners; and, most recently, a conjoint study. We are continuing to extend and deepen this research in 2013, starting with more focus groups planned for late February and tele-depth interviews with selected customer types in March. We have commissioned leading market research agency Accent to undertake this field work.

The top 5 headlines from our owner-occupier research include:

We conclude that many players in the industry need to rethink the way they present their customer propositions – particularly with regard to warranties.  The players who get this right have the best chance to beat the competition and get market share.  And if the industry as a whole can get this right, this is the first step at growing the market beyond the "magic 5%".

To read the full White Paper that provides more detail on this topic and research findings please follow this link:  "There's a magic 5% of customers out there" 

Our on-going research and support is used by subscribers to the Microgen Insight Service to forecast technology uptake and to develop winning customer propositions.  Follow this link for details of the Microgen Insight Service, or contact us.