Low carbon heating techs are demonstrated ‘live’ to home-owners – and micro-CHP proves very popular.

As part of Delta-ee’s Microgen Insight Service, 36 intrepid UK home-owners came to the Baxi UK test lab in Warwick in July this year. They had been prepared for the evening by reading a description of five low carbon or renewable heating technologies, prepared by Delta-ee. During the evening they were shown examples of these products running in a test facility, and had the chance to ask questions.

At the start of the sessions, the participants were asked about their attitudes towards the technologies, and whether they could see themselves installing one (or any of them) in their home. At this initial stage, air source heat pumps (ASHP) were generally the preferred technology.

But following live demonstration of each of the products, during which time people also had the chance to ask questions from the expert demonstrator, this picture had changed dramatically. Micro-CHP’s popularity had soared by the end of the demos, based on the design they were shown.

So what made micro-CHP so appealing?

MCHP quotesAmong the top reasons given were:

 So what 3 things can the micro-CHP industry learn from this?

Finally, even after the demos, and a chance to ask questions, householders still had lots of questions: what would happen if there was a power cut? Exactly how much electricity will it generate? How does the investment (and return) compare to solar PV? So despite the appeal, don’t under-estimate how much work is going to be required to ‘sell’ this technology to your buyers.

About the research:
Commissioned by the Delta-ee Microgen Insight Service team, the research was designed to allow us to explore how the initial appeal of low-carbon technologies is influenced by live demonstrations of the products. 36 homeowners attended on two evenings and none owned a low-carbon or renewable heating technology which provided the majority of their space heating or hot water.

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