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2019: 0% annual sales growth in the Dutch Smart Thermostat Market

A bit of history…

The Netherlands was one of the first markets to innovate with connected controls in Europe. With over 80% of Dutch boilers working with the OpenTherm protocol, smart thermostats could relatively easily be connected. In the early 2010s, while Nest was making a name for itself in the US, some start-ups were similarly trying to capture opportunities in the Dutch market, and Quby was at the forefront of it. At the same time, control companies, such as Honeywell, and heating manufacturers, such as Nefit, started to develop their own offers.

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The wave of Connected Air Conditioning is coming to Europe

The US AC control market was hit first by the digital revolution, with companies such as Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell becoming the three best sellers of smart thermostats, but AC in the US and AC in Europe are two completely different systems. The first is a centralised system with one thermostat in the middle of it; the second is made of room by room units of AC which are each controlled with an infrared remote in most cases.

In Europe, connectivity specialists have decided to start with smart thermostats (for boilers) and connected radiator valves (TRVs), the two main control products in the largest EU countries. More recently, they have also been looking at other kind of products controlling space heating, hot water or space cooling, and it is now clear that Air Conditioner controls are one of the next growth potentials.

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