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Five reasons why Amazon – with their smart home consultation – is leading the race for the connected home

You might have heard the news of Amazon’s free ‘smart home consultation service’ that was recently launched in the US. Simply put, Amazon is offering a free in-home consultation from a trained expert to assist potential customers with choosing the right connected home products for their needs. Because of Amazon’s unique position in the market, I believe this could seriously drive the connected home market and give Amazon a leading position.

So why am I so impressed by what Amazon is doing? What allows them to offer free in-home consultations? And why are they so well placed to both drive and gain a large part of the connected home market? Here are five reasons behind my thinking:

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End of the summer fireworks in the connected home market

The connected home product catalogue is getting thicker as we speak, with announcements from every corner of Europe – especially from the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. O2 (Telefonica), Amazon Alexa & dash buttons, Homekit, Netatmo, Nest, Tado, Bosch, Sonos… These are some of the most exciting European (and US) connected home companies and all are trying to light the fuse! I’m curious to compare some of these products to our long list of energy / security ‘product profiles’ we are currently working on.

My take out of these is that more and more cool devices are coming the market from well-known connected home brands – that’s the good news. There is, however, very little happening in reducing the upfront cost barrier for non-early-adopter customers – and that’s a very concerning news.

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