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Platforms: an essential part of the energy system

Platforms are one of the hot topics in the new energy sector. There are platforms which connect buyers and sellers such as for installing heating appliances or auto-switching, which interrupts the traditional energy retail-customer relationship. And there are those which connect, link and even manage large numbers of energy assets together such as hot water tanks, electric vehicles and batteries.

But why are platforms such a hot topic today?

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Auto-switching: will energy customers relinquish control?

Auto-switching* is more than a concept – it’s emerging from Austria to America, Great Britain to Germany.  From Look After My Bills’ appearance on the UK’s Dragons’ Den, to articles a-plenty appearing across the news, it’s slowly but surely entering the mind of the public. But while energy consumers are gradually becoming more aware of auto-switching, although by concept rather than name, it’s still being met with suspicion by some. How can customers be assured they will, in fact, be given the best deal? Is it really as easy as it sounds? Where’s the catch?

In the first episode of Talking New Energy, the new podcast from Delta-ee, we discussed the important issues driving auto-switching forward, and the roadblocks standing in its way. Find out more headlines below.

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