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Accelerating the transition to 'new heat' top of the agenda at the biggest ever Delta-EE European Heat Summit

It was an inspiring two days at the Delta-EE European Heat Summit in London last week when close to 100 delegates from across the heating sector were brought together in an exciting programme spanning start-ups to energy giants and topics as diverse as hydrogen networks, smart electric heating controls and heat-as-a-service.

With this year’s Summit, it seems to us at Delta-EE that we have reached a tipping point in the decarbonisation debate. Decarbonising new build across Europe is looking increasingly positive, and though retrofit remains the largest challenge, the Summit demonstrated that there is a wealth of technologies, business models and proposition ideas that – targeted at the right sectors – promise to overcome some of this challenge.

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Delta-ee’s European Heat Summit 2018 – innovation is heating up in an industry that needs to engage with customers to enable growth

The Delta-ee European Heat Summit 2018 took place in Berlin, Germany.

Bringing together delegates from across the energy sector, our European Heat Summit 2018 inspired interesting discussions, debates and insights on the hot topics of the low carbon heating industry. Delegates talked about the key challenges and opportunities presenting themselves now and going forward, and how companies are responding to these.

The Summit discussions encompassed several topics that are key for the future of the low carbon heating industry, but some themes stood out throughout the event:

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