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The impact of changes to RHI tariffs on the UK heat pump market

The latest Delta-ee podcast focuses on the impact of the latest changes to the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) tariffs and the impact they will have on the UK heat pump market.

Steven Ashurst, Senior Analyst and Micro-CHP Research Service Manager, and Lukas Bergmann, Senior Analyst and Heat Pump Research Service Manager, suggest the changes in tariff point towards a positive future for air source heat pumps.

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Governments and energy sector innovation: it’s all about the business model

When it comes to the energy sector, or industry in general, government and innovation are two words not often associated with one another in Europe. Regulations, security and a business as usual approach are what springs to the mind when thinking of departments of energy the world over. However, it appears that this is beginning to change, with innovation starting to rise up some governments’ check-lists.

Consulting your way to innovation

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