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The role of gas in the future UK energy system

As the UK transitions to a new energy paradigm, incumbent players in the existing value chain, including gas network operators, face significant challenges to their current business models, and at Delta-ee we’re excited to help these companies to address these challenges.  

There are any number of proposals for a long-term energy system aimed at addressing the energy trilemma.  However, even where there is consensus as to the final shape of the energy system post 2050, there remains significant difference of opinion as to the most practical means of transitioning from today’s system to a fully sustainable one.

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Customer confidence is high for hybrids

 Delta-ee is excited to be taking part in a ground-breaking innovation project for Wales & West Utilities and Western Power Distribution. The Flexible Residential Energy Demand Optimisation and Management  (FREEDOM) project has overseen the installation of 75 hybrid air source heat pumps, in combination with hybrid control panels in homes in South Wales. 

The project, managed by PassivSystems, is the largest-scale demonstration trial of hybrid heating systems ever undertaken in the UK. The ultimate aim is to influence the course of UK heat policy. In particular the study will:

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