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Hydrogen versus electrification

It is a sad indictment of humankind that we always seem to feel the need for an adversarial approach to life, particularly when it includes the future of our planet.   

We all recognise that there is an urgent need to develop a sustainable energy system, no longer dependent on finite fossil fuels. Given that, one might imagine that we would all be seeking the optimum solutions for each and every energy need, instead of insisting that our personally preferred technology should be used for every application.   

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Have you installed your last gas boiler?

The heating market is changing. New, lower carbon systems are emerging, and disruption is occurring in the traditional value chains. The industry is at an exciting – and challenging – point in its evolution, with many different pathways it could take into the future.

Through our Delta-ee Gas Heating Service, we are helping companies understand what this future could look like. On Thursday July 13th, we will be holding our public webinar: “Beyond the boiler: how is the future for gas-based heating emerging today?” click here to register.

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