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Summary of the 3rd Delta-ee Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable, organised in association with the ehpa

The 3rd edition of Delta-ee’s Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable, organised in association with the ehpa, united 40+ attendees from the utility and heat pump industries in Wiesbaden, Germany, on February the 12th 2015.

Being held in an open and participative style the event once again enabled and encouraged fruitful discussions about the potential synergies between these two players on the supply and the demand side of the energy market. Below you will find the key messages from each of the four sessions and links to more in-depth summaries of each topic:
  • Session 1 – Market context & outlook for heat pumps - The HP market is recovering and is expected to have entered a period of sustained growth over the next five years – with growth mainly driven by the residential new build sector. A breakthrough in the renovation market has yet to happen and the opportunity in the non-residential sector needs to be developed. Click here to read a summary of the presentations and discussion in session 1.
  • Session 2 – The value of “smart” to the customer and the HP supply chain - The knowledge and know-how around smart heat pumps is increasing, with many projects demonstrating that the technology can deliver important benefits in a decentralised energy system. But more needs to be done in order to overcome regulatory barriers and drive the introduction of flexible tariffs – enabling stronger business cases and customer propositions through capturing the value generated by heat pump flexibility. Click here to read a summary of the presentations and discussion in session 2.
  • Session 3 – Business to customer (B2C) business models: How to engage the - In order to realise the heat pump market potential one must choose a strategy which integrates the technical capabilities and economic proposition with the social requirements of each individual customer. New players bringing disruptive business models to the market and the evolution of the traditional sales channels can turn this insight into increasing heat pump sales. Click here to read a summary of the presentations and discussion in session 3.
  • Session 4 – Business-to-business: Potential, Solutions and Business Models - There is a large untapped potential for industrial and other non-residential heat pumps in Europe. Energy contracting models and performance guarantees are two propositions which have proved successful in unlocking the potential to date, and are expected to be increasingly important drivers for heat pumps to reach their potential in the non-residential market. Click here to read a summary of the presentations and discussion in session 4.

Organisations who attended our 2015 Utilities & Heat Pump Roundtable include:


  • ait-deutschland GmbH
  • Alliander
  • Avantigas
  • BDHO
  • boostheat
  • British Gas
  • Carel Deutschland GmbH
  • Chemours Deutschland GmbH
  • CSD Engineers
  • Daikin Europe NV
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • Danish Energy Association
  • DuPont
  • E.ON Technologies GmbH
  • EHPA
  • Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Eneco
  • eRisk Group
  • Fraunhofer ISE
  • Insero Energy
  • Jabil
  • Laborelec
  • National Grid
  • NIBE
  • Panasonic R&D Center Germany
  • ThermoLift
  • TNO
  • Vaillant Group
  • Viessmann Waermepumen GmbH


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