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Session 4 of the 3rd Delta-ee Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable – B2B: Potential, Solutions and Business Models

3rd Utilities and Heat Pumps Roundtable Programme

In the last session of the 3rd edition of Delta-ee’s Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable, organised in association with the ehpa,
focused on non-residential heat pumps in commercial and industrial applications.

Lukas Bergmann, Heat Pump Research Service Manager at Delta-ee introduced the session, concluding that non-residential heat pumps are currently still at the very beginning of their market development, but having a significant potential.
session 4

Philippe Nellissen, Product Manager Industrial Applications at Emerson Climate Technologies presented a study assessing the potential for an energy revolution through electrically driven compression heat pumps in industrial applications. About 70% of a total potential of 174 TWh of annual heat demand in the European industry could be met by electrically driven heat pumps available today, with the remaining 30% requiring the ability to reach flow temperatures >90°C – technology which is already under development.

Fabrice Rognon, Head of Energy Western Switzerland at CSD Engineers presented the significant opportunity for development of heat pumps in the non-residential sector. The most successful approach to switch commercial and industrial customers to heat pumps in Switzerland has proven to be energy contracting, as it provides the customer with the greatest convenience, by removing all responsibility for planning, installation, operation and maintenance from him. Remaining barriers hindering the market success of the technology are a lack of knowledge about and experience with heat pumps as solutions for the commercial and industrial market segments.

Dr. Alastair Hotchkiss, Heat Pump Specialist at British Gas Business Energy Performance presented a case-study on how the business energy services branch of British Gas successfully introduced ground-source heat pump technology to several very large supermarkets of one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains. Creating peace of mind through introducing safety nets was a key factor for getting management buy-in into the proposition both on the side of British Gas and the supermarket chain. Another key factor for convincing the customer was the development of a balance sheet neutral financing model based on energy contracting, which includes a performance guarantee to the customer as well as shared bonus and penalty payments if the guarantee is over or under fulfilled.

Views from delegates and the discussion…
  •        An equal number of participants of the Roundtable thought that during the course of 2015 between 50-100MW or 100-200MW of large scale heat pumps (>100kW per unit) will be installed in Europe.
  •        Informing, educating and supporting specifying engineers came out as one of the key actions required to achieve the potential of the non-residential heat pump market in the future.


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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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