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Session 3 of the 3rd Delta-ee Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable – B2C Business Models: How to engage the customer

3rd Utilities and Heat Pumps Roundtable Programme

Session number 3 of the 3rd edition of Delta-ee’s Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable, organised in association with the ehpa,
analysed the needs of (end-)customers and how new business models could engage them with HP technology.

Julian Jansen, Heat Pump Analyst at Delta-ee introduced the session, painting a picture of how customer concerns can pose a barrier to market growth. This means that manufacturers need to explore different business models and routes-to-market that target the customer directly. The key message arising from Delta-ee’s research has been that every customer is different and thus requires different approaches.

Troels Hartung from the Danish Energy Agency, emphasised that new business models go hand in hand with additional regulatory support and customer education. He highlighted that in the future heat needs to be seen as a service rather than a heat pump as a product. As such it is important integrate the product with the installation service and increasing the focus on supporting technologies.

Gerriette Mollink and Maarten van Blijderveen from Dutch network operator Alliander, explained where technological innovation can improve the customer proposition. They highlighted that in order to maximise heat pump market potential one must choose a strategy that integrates technical capabilities of the system with the social requirements that different customers have. Essentially it needs to be understood that ‘one size does not fit all’.

Views from delegates and the discussion…
  •        The majority of participants believed that 5-15% of residential heat pump sales will be made by energy suppliers to their customers in 2020 – compared to the last Roundtable this number has fallen.
  •        During the discussion there was an extent of disagreement regarding the viability of taking into account customers’ social backgrounds and encouraging participation.
  •        Most participants agreed that it would take some time before a winning business model would emerge.


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Monday, 21 September 2020

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