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Session 1 of the 3rd Delta-ee Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable – Market Context and Outlook for Heat Pumps

3rd Utilities and Heat Pumps Roundtable Programme

The 3rd edition of Delta-ee’s Utilities & Heat Pumps Roundtable, organised in association with the ehpa, started with an overview of the current market context and an outlook for the technology.

Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the European Heat Pump Association (ehpa) kicked off the presentations at the Roundtable by giving an overview of the most recent heat pump market data from 2013 and discussing what is needed to meet Europe’s 2030 climate and energy targets. In 2013 the European HP market has seen a slight growth, with France leading with an increase of annual sales of more than 11,000 units. Heat pumps are an attractive proposition for policy makers too. If their installed base would multiply by ten until 2030 they would:
  •         displace the whole of the EU’s gas imports from Russia,
  •         contribute 16% to the EU’s 2030 renewable energy goal,
  •         11% to the EU’s 2030 emission savings target, and
  •         7% towards reaching the EU’s energy savings target in 2030.
Lukas Bergmann, Heat Pump Research Service Manager at Delta-ee presented an outlook on the future development of the heat pump market in Europe, which is set to grow over the coming years. Key drivers of this development will mainly be tightening new build regulations. But the technology is also expected to benefit from a wider range of applications being opened up by the development and commercialisation of new technical solutions, e.g. hybrids and gas heat pumps for the domestic retrofit sector and large capacity heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications. Finally, new types of players and business models are expected to increasingly support the development of heat pump markets across Europe.




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Monday, 21 September 2020

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