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Regulation and policy critical to the future of new energy


Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe was recently joined by representatives from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to discuss the role of policy and regulation in the energy transition.

Regulation and policy play a critical role, both with competitive networks and markets, but they were typically built around old energy. There is now a need to evolve, facilitate and lead the way to new energy.

Jan Rosenow, Director of European Programmes at RAP says, “In Europe, most countries are still really playing catch up when it comes to regulation, with advances in technologies and the increasing potential for the demand side, for example, to play a much bigger role. And with the advent that we now see of electric vehicles and the electrification of buildings, there is now ample opportunity to take advantage of this inherent flexibility”.

To close this gap, Richard Sedano, President and CEO of RAP, suggests an important step is to “engage the community, to bring them into the problem and bring them into the search for the solution […] When regulators are isolated and don’t have enough information and don’t know how the community will react to opportunities, it’s easy for them to fall back to business as usual.”

Rosenow adds, “there’s a combination of factors at play. It’s also to do with regulatory cultures and the kinds of people who work for regulators have been trained to do regulation in a certain way.”

A change is culture is needed, and challenges lie ahead.

Find out more about what these experts have to say about regulation and policy in this episode of Talking New Energy, a podcast from Delta-EE.





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Thursday, 04 March 2021

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