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Pathways 2.0: your answer to "what if?"

The European Heating & Cooling Strategy and the looming Paris global climate summit are potential triggers for rapid growth in low carbon heating.  But in this evolving policy context, where are the opportunities in residential heating markets, and what are the risks?  Delta-ee is pleased to announce the launch of Pathways 2.0, a tool which is designed to help our clients answer these questions.

Join our launch webinar on the 22nd September 2015 to explore the potential for disruption in the residential heating market using Pathways 2.0. Including:

  • How could policy and incentives change the market outlook?
  • What opportunities arise from the need to meet residential sector carbon targets?
  • What’s the potential impact of future energy prices on the market?
What is Pathways 2.0?

Pathways 2.0 is the tool for data and forecasts of the European residential heating market.

The intuitive model comes ready with a forward-looking transparent dataset that has been built by our expert analysts over the last 10 years.

The unique methodology combines quantitative (data) and qualitative (customer) inputs.

It brings together many sources of disparate data into a single robust database to enable subscribers to view, edit and create their own market forecasts and scenarios for residential heating to 2025.


Use it to:
  • Forecast technology uptake
  • Pathways diagram FIN
  • Quantify market risks and disruptions
  • Identify and evaluate market opportunities
  • Evaluate and assess technology performance
  • Benchmark competing technologies
  • Develop your business plan
  • Gain insight and save time


Answer questions like:
  • Which technologies should we focus on?
  • How will market disruptions impact our business?
  • Which customer segments should we target?
  • What is the impact of distributed energy on energy demand?
  • What mix of technologies delivers the most carbon savings?
  • How does our product compare?
  • What impact will policy have on the market?



 Find out more

To register for the webinar, or for further information Contact




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