I vividly remember being told these words during a telephone conversation I had with one of our clients in January 2009, a successful global player in CHP and distributed power systems.

We were discussing a renewal of a subscription to one of our information services and it quickly became clear he would not be renewing – his company was cutting costs dramatically.  This was about four months after the Lehman Brothers collapse and the world was reeling in the midst of a deep financial crisis.
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When Delta-ee produces our CHP & distributed power market projections, we take into account a broad range of factors and drivers, most important of which are often future trends in energy policy, especially the promise of new incentives) and in the relationship between fuel and power prices.  But back in 2009 / 10, it was clear that these drivers were largely irrelevant.  More or less everyone stopped buying anything that was non-critical, including on-site power systems.

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