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Netherlands set to be one of the most exciting markets for residential low carbon heating products across Europe.

The next decade represents a real and exciting opportunity for transition in the Netherlands residential heating market, despite being overwhelming dominated by gas boilers today.

Our Roadmap Service research indicates that the opportunity for low carbon technologies for has significantly improved due to;

  •  Strengthened Government commitment to a green future
  •  Product innovations and business model poised to disrupt the status quo, from as early as this year
  •   Social landlords who could have a transformational influence

However it is innovative business models, such as the one developed by Nerdalize (yes, you did read that correctly – perhaps the coolest/un-coolest company name ever!), which we believe pose significant disruption in the near term. Nerdalize offers Dutch customers the chance to receive ‘heat for free’. Their business model involves distributing computer servers (usually housed in data centres) to homeowners, replacing the need for a boiler as the waste heat generated by the servers is used throughput the property instead. Despite the reasonably steep upfront cost, homeowners can enjoy zero fuel bills alongside no maintenance charge. That’s no heating bills for life!

A similar concept has been introduced to the German market by Cloud & Heat, which was brought to our attention during our Energy Service Innovations study – a piece of work that swept across the globe to highlight the 36 innovations that we think will radically shake up the energy industry.

Double digit share of gas boiler market under threat

Graph for blog

Rather than being too good to be true, we estimate that these types of business models could substantially disrupt the market. This potential for disruption will grow as customers become more ‘connected’ with their energy, governments continue to pressure the market, and creative thinking coupled with R&D creates different propositions. What’s more, with energy prices only set to increase, innovative ideas that think outside the box and bring to market an alternative way of meeting our heating needs will receive growing attention and market share.

The Netherlands looks set to be an exciting space to watch, as momentum towards low carbon technologies builds. Stakeholders right across the energy industry need to act now to understand and secure their position in the market.

For more information on the Netherlands residential heating market, please get in touch:


Delta-ee’s Roadmap Service forecasts how the residential heating market will develop out to 2025 across five of Europe’s major boiler markets – France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. For each market, we forecast the annual sales of a range of low carbon heating appliances, taking into account customer soft factors.

If you would like information on how to subscribe and prices for our Roadmap Service please contact Philippa Hardy.

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