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Navigating the transition to ‘new heat’


Building on the success of previous events and bringing together key stakeholders in the European heating space, we are holding another Heat Summit this year. The event, taking place in London this September, will focus on several key themes emerging from the transition from ‘old heat’ to ‘new heat’. Read on to find out what we’ll be covering and register for this unmissable event.

Navigating the transition to ‘new heat’

The European heating market is seeing greater disruption than ever before as it transitions from ‘old heat’ to ‘new heat’. Decarbonisation policy is tightening, new technology ecosystems are emerging, new competition is threatening the incumbent heating players, and the traditional sales channels and customer propositions are being shaken up. We’ll be setting the scene and exploring how decarbonisation pathways for heat are evolving in Europe, in the context of this transition.

New heat business models: Opportunity or threat? Traditional heat business models are evolving beyond just selling kWh and new propositions are emerging, with heat as a service a key disruptor promising to erode customer barriers to the uptake of low carbon heating. New routes to market, such as online sales platforms, are increasingly threatening traditional sales channels. We’ll be investigating how heating products and services will be sold going forward, and who the key stakeholders will be.

Technology solutions for the transition to new heat

Low carbon and high-efficiency heating appliances are evolving to tackle the most challenging end-user sectors. We will be joined by key technology manufacturers to share highlights of the latest products emerging to support decarbonisation of heat.

Opportunities from the convergence of heat and electricity

As the electricity system decarbonises, the need for energy system flexibility is rising. For electric heating and cooling products, the ability to control the timing of demand is becoming more important than the amount of demand. We will explore the outlook for those trying to capture value from this flexibility, and discuss the activities and successes of a range of players.

Hydrogen for heat – hype, hope or a silver bullet?

Hydrogen is a hot topic with policymakers in many markets now, not least for its potential role in decarbonising gas. It is clear that hydrogen will be a part of the future energy system – though “hydrogen for heat” is moving forward at very different rates in different markets, with some uncertainties remaining about how it will be used.  Some manufacturers have already jumped ahead of the curve, launching hydrogen boilers and fuel cells, and others point to the potential for “hydrogen hybrids”. We will explore in this session, how hydrogen for heat is evolving in key markets, how it could interplay with other energy vectors, and what the impact could be on the heating market.

For more information on the topics we’ll be covering at The Delta-ee European Heat Summit this year, visit Register now to join us at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London on 26th September 2019.

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