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ISH 2019: The 10 key trends our experts expect to see for electrification, gas heating & the connected home


Next week Frankfurt Messe will open its doors for the 2019 edition of ISH, the leading HVAC trade fair in Europe. Some of Delta-ee’s experts in the field will attend the exhibition and we have asked them what they expect to see at this year’s trade fair. (To arrange a meeting please get in touch with the relevant contact shown below.)

Electrification of Heat & Heat Pumps (Contact: Cate Lyon, Lukas Bergmann)

  1. Decision time on refrigerants: At ISH 2017 the HFC phase down was often discussed in conversations, but rarely visible in products. This year, we expect many manufacturers to be presenting their answers to this long-term industry challenge. According to our discussions with the market, we may well see a split within the European manufacturers, with some big players opting for interim solutions (e.g. HFOs), while others instead go for long-term certainty (e.g. R290).

    Refrigerants survey
  1. Integrated products for new build dwellings: HVAC, short for Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning, has for a long time been not one, but rather three separate industries with only little overlap in the residential sector. But energy demand in new dwellings is dwindling, while (heat recovery) ventilation and comfort cooling needs are on the rise. We therefore expect major manufacturers to present integrated solutions that combine all three functionalities in one product.

  2. All-electric and hybrid solutions for multi-family homes: Heating systems in multi-family houses have specific requirements that make the use of heat pumps more difficult than in single-family houses. But as multi-family houses are taking an increasing share in Europe’s construction markets we expect more companies to showcase solutions specifically for these larger residential buildings.

  3. The return of direct electric heating: In line with the electrification of heat in new build dwellings, we expect to see a new focus on direct electric solutions for space and water heating at many manufacturers’ booths. Yet, new builds may not remain the only application, as new offerings such as the recently announced co-operation between Dimplex and OVO Energy demonstrate. But will anyone dare to promote electric storage heating in a country that has Europe’s second highest residential electricity prices?

Gas Heating (Contact: Steven Ashurst, Jeremy Harrison)

  1. A strong presence of hydrogen heating systems – but in which form? At ISH 2019, it will be the latest generation of hydrogen fuel cell micro-CHP systems that take centre stage as far as hydrogen-based heaters go. We fully expect to see a range of new models from the big players in Europe, and potentially the return of a few others who have recently been absent from the market. There’s only a slim chance of catching a glimpse of a hydrogen-ready boiler – but if any brand were to exhibit one it would certainly make a strong statement about where their R&D focus lies.
  2. Aesthetically-pleasing boilers with appealing customer interfaces: More than ever customers are choosing their own boilers at replacement time rather than deferring the choice to their installers – new product offerings will be designed to capitalise on this trend– including features like touch screen controls, LCD displays and better design.
  3. Gas heat pumps – A renewed interest: A key finding of most discussions around the continued role of green gas in heating is that it must be used more efficiently. This is shining a new light on gas-driven heat pumps, which have been on display at ISH in the past but are yet to enter the market. We expect to see at least one announcement from a new, large player on this topic.

Connected Home (Contact: Arthur Jouannic)

  1. Google and Alexa will turn up the heat: In 2017 the number of smart speaker integrations shown on the ISH could still be counted on one hand. This product category is now the largest and fastest growing connected home device segment globally and we should see all major manufacturers present a voice integration use case with their connected heating controls.
  2. Remote diagnostics will enter the boiler market mainstream: A lot of companies were talking about remote heating diagnostics at ISH 2017. But very few had launched an offering in the market. Our latest analysis of this space shows a completely different picture with all major manufacturers having one or sometimes multiple offerings available. One of their ambitions at ISH will be to pitch these solutions to installers and test their appetite.

    remote boiler diagnostics

  3. Further integration of heating into the wider Home Energy Management (HEM) space: The integration of (electric) heating with electric cars, photovoltaics, batteries and demand response capabilities is starting to become a reality. We expect to see the foundational work that has been going on behind the scenes (e.g. the development of the EE-Bus standard) to result in some interesting use cases for HEM solutions, such as the optimisation of heat pump consumption with solar PV or variable tariffs to be widely marketed.

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