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Innovation Stories from the Future

energyservicesinnovationWhich of the many stories of emerging innovation in the energy services world give us a true glimpse of how it will look in future?

The energy services world is changing as never before.

There are many reasons why.

There are challenging new objectives for carbon reduction, security of supply and fuel poverty.

Can the 21st century’s energy ‘trilemma’ really be solved by energy systems that were designed for the 20th century?

New technology is responding to the challenge.

In many markets today, PV opens up opportunities for new business models and new value creation. In the future, it will be joined by other candidates such as storage, distributed generation, and electric vehicles.

A wave of new entrant suppliers are entering the market with innovative business models and propositions, stealing market share.

Vertical markets are colliding.

Telcos are already eating into the energy market in the US, and are starting to do so in Europe. And appliance manufacturers have their eyes on part of the energy value chain.

The rise of connectivity and the Internet of Things opens up huge opportunities.

It also enables third parties to disintermediate utilities from customers, potentially reducing them to wholesalers operating on wafer thin margins.

There are so many new opportunities that, at Delta-ee, we have set ourselves the goal of identifying the most exciting stories of how innovation will change the energy services landscape.

And we’re not just focusing on ‘ideas’ – but looking instead for the early commercial offerings, trials and demonstrations that provide clear glimpses of the future.

Yes it’s about technology, but it’s also about a whole lot more. Consider the novel micro-CHP solution supplied by Flow Energy.

It’s an interesting piece of domestic technology: but what’s really appealing is their effective reinvention of themselves as an energy company; and their imaginative “pay just for installation” offering to customers. By taking energy companies out of the picture, Flow are able to access new value pools far outside those normally associated with boilers and micro-CHP.

Will this kind of novel thinking become the new normal in what has traditionally been a slow-moving industry?

This is just the start.

Delta-ee’s new Energy Services Innovation database will capture the most exciting value creation opportunities emerging from:

  • Imaginative business models
  • Novel technology applications
  • Customer proposition design

We will draw on our wide knowledge of the downstream sector, and use expert contacts to supplement the database with their view on how external drivers will transform the energy services space; in particular telecoms companies, smart grid developments, IT and even financials.

We are also finding interesting innovations across an increasingly global marketplace: Europe of course, but also Asia, North America, even Africa.

Like the sound of it? Why not get involved?

Feel free to submit your own Top Three energy services innovations, by dropping a line to [email protected] or by sending a tweet to @delta_ee using #energyservicesinnovation. You can also join our Linkedin group - this is called the Delta-ee Energy Services Innovation Group, where we hope to have some really useful discussions over the coming weeks. 

Everyone who sends us their personal three favourite innovations will receive a summary of the key highlights coming out of the project.

All suggestions must be either available in the market today, or be extremely likely to be commercialised within the next five years.

So get those ideas on an email today!

I’ll be back with more soon.

Nigel Timperley



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Thursday, 02 July 2020

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