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In-depth discussions on heat: Micro-CHP and High Efficiency Gas, and the Electrification of Heat


The European heat market is evolving, dynamic and full of opportunity.

Our Electrification of Heat research shows the growing importance of electrically-driven heating in the European heating market, especially in countries where decarbonisation of heat and stabilisation of the electricity supply is high on the agenda. The regular addition of new business models to the value chain underlines the high value that this sector can generate for both current and new stakeholders.

The Delta-ee Gas Heating Service provides insight for the heating, energy and service industries on the future of gas heating in buildings. It is widely accepted that if decarbonisation goals are to be achieved, this sector must evolve. Options include the introduction of new products that use fuel more efficiently – e.g. fuel cells, micro-CHP or hybrids – or via a transition to lower-carbon forms of gas, like biomethane or hydrogen.

At our upcoming European Heat Summit, we will delve into these issues and facilitate in-depth and informative discussion, reflecting on how the market has been up until now and what it will look like going forward.

In the summit we are taking a customer-centric, bottom up approach with the consumer at the foundation of the agenda. The morning sessions will focus on customer empowerment and the business models which support them; the afternoon sessions consider the infrastructure and system impacts and the policy measures which will be required to meet these aspirations and at the same time deliver on Europe’s ambitions for a low carbon energy future.

If you’re interested in attending, visit for more information on the programme and to register for a place at this exclusive industry event.

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