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How to unleash the heat pump opportunity: Five Guiding Principles

Delta Energy & Environment (Delta-ee), in association with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), have just launched a new Guide that showcases European best practice to build successful and sustainable heat pump markets.  You can download the full Guide here.

Today in Europe more than 750,000 heat pump systems are installed annually, and approximately 5.4 million systems have been deployed since 2005.  In contrast, 8 million gas boilers are installed across Europe every year.  The European Heat Pump market has been static for the last few years (in fact 2012 saw a drop in European HP sales).  While in some European markets such as Sweden and Switzerland, heat pumps are already the heating technology of choice, in most other markets there is still vast untapped potential, and heat pumps rarely make up more than a 5% share of installed domestic heating systems in any country.  In Germany, the heat pump market is small though steadily growing.  In France, we see the heat pump market slowly recovering from an incentive-led 'boom & bust' pattern. Other markets including the UK and Poland show promising signs of emergence, though heat pumps are still very much a niche solution. 

Heat pumps can play a significant role in supporting European goals on emissions reductions and energy efficiency gains - but only if their potential is utilised.  Can a concerted effort by industry stakeholders help to unleash the heat pump opportunity?  Delta-ee and the EHPA thinks so! 

We have identified Five Guiding Principles which have already proven to be successful approaches across Europe and beyond.  Implementation of these principles will support sustainable heat pump market growth: 
  1. Build a StrongPolicy Framework
  2. Ensure Quality Permeatesthe Entire Sector
  3. Raise Awareness ThroughMarketing and Promotion
  4. Develop a CompellingCustomer Proposition
  5. Monitor Ongoing Market Requirements
Governments, industry associations, utilities, heat pump manufacturers and installers all have a key role to play in implementing these principles in their markets.  We will dive into each of these principles in more detail in five subsequent blogs.


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Friday, 20 September 2019

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