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"Fleets are one of the most exciting customer groups in 2019"

Alex-C-web-1 Alex Lewis-Jones, EVs & Electricity research manager

With electric vehicles making an increasing impact at the forefront of the energy transition, it makes sense to consider the impact of electric vehicle fleets and the value chain of fleet EV charging that businesses can take advantage of. In advance of the team’s upcoming webinar, we spoke to Delta-ee electric vehicle expert Alex Lewis-Jones to learn more about this research.

How do you define a fleet?

“At Delta-ee, we considered a fleet to be any group of cars or vans owned and used by a business. This includes vehicles being kept both at the workplace or at employee’s homes, off-shift.”

What opportunities are fleets presenting to the EV charging market?

“For those in the EV charging market, fleets are one of the most exciting customer groups in 2019. The culmination of increasing adoption of fleet management tools and increasing policy on emissions (whether clean air or climate agendas) is making a lot of fleets consider the move to electric.

Right now, education is paramount. Most fleets are very new to the world of EVs and may be trying one or two vehicles to begin with. If you can support the fleet from the start of their electric journey, you are well positioned to benefit as volumes scale up over the next decade.”

Could you tell us more about the elements of the value chain for fleet EV charging that you've identified?

“We considered seven different elements to the value chain for fleet EV charging and every proposition we looked at had different combinations of these.

7 EV categories

The most core elements are around the provision of the chargepoint and the charging management. The Back Office element is important for larger fleets, and is what distinguishes fleet propositions from those for private individuals.

Beyond the core, you may find that the vehicles themselves are bundled together as well as consultancy to offer that customer education through this transition. More advanced services may also be added on top, these are what we call the Enhanced Back Office and Access elements.”

What characteristics are important when considering a fleet proposition?

“The first thing you should do when building a fleet proposition is understand where the vehicles are normally parked off-shift. Those that are parked at the workplace are in a very different situation to those usually kept at the employee’s home overnight. Fleet propositions can differ greatly as a result.”

What examples of proposition approaches are you seeing in the market?

In our recent report, we identified six emerging approaches to this market. A key one we called the “EV hand-holder”, where the provider invests a lot of time and resource into the Feasibility element and guiding their customers through the transition. A lot of partnerships are emerging between energy suppliers and vehicle lease companies to do this.

Another exciting one is the Charging-as-a-Service approach. Service-led business models are popping up in all sectors, and EV charging is no different. Some of the more innovative players are looking at the best way they can offer a CAPEX-light solution to their customers.”

To find out more about Delta-ee’s recent research into the value of EV fleet charging, register for Delta-ee’s upcoming webinar: Electric fleets: six approaches to EV charging.

You can also get in touch with Alex Lewis-Jones directly at

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