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The New Energy Letter: November 2021

Amongst the talk of targets, commitments and roadmaps, we must make room to talk with consumers

Technology clearly plays a central role in the energy transition even at the end of the supply chain, from decarbonising homes and transport to increasing and optimising green electricity generation and storage. But we often forget that consumers will play an equally important role. After all, it’s their experiences, confidence and ultimately choices that will largely determine the speed and scale of the drive to residential net zero.​

Whilst technology equips us with the means to reduce CO₂ emissions, we also need to motivate customers to make good energy choices and make behaviour change a reality. Of course regulation can force or influence energy customers, but there is much that can be achieved outside of policy intervention.​

Energy customer engagement is a process that evolves into a mutually beneficial relationship for companies on the journey. We break down customer engagement into three sequential stages to move beyond the functional, transactional relationship of the past, where the energy customer was treated as little more than a meter point. ​

These stages are:​

  • customer engagement – helping customers understand and engage in their energy use ​
  • customer empowerment – providing the tools to help customers make positive energy decisions​
  • customer collaboration – supporting customers in creating their own green energy futures ​

Most customer-facing companies will require an engagement strategy that spans all these categories, personalising the message and communication channel according to their range of customers and their situations. With a deep understanding of energy customers, the service provider-customer relationship can be deepened into a mutually value-adding and long-term partnership. ​

 At Delta-EE, we believe that this customer-centric approach is the critical piece in the energy transition puzzle. Only with it, can the energy transition be successful, and decarbonisation ambitions fulfilled.​

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Friday, 21 January 2022

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