ces 2017

More than just a big futuristic tech show, the CES is a perfect occasion to review where the connected home industry is at and what the market might look like in the next year or two. However, if you follow the connected home market like us, there was no major surprise in Vegas this year. The main takeaways from the event were the growth of the leading US service providers and the development of the retail market via cameras, thermostats, voice control and home automation. There are also some interesting trends in the market with additional user interfaces, the hype around connected door locks and the much cheaper products coming from China. Finally, we saw a few start-ups which developed solutions particularly interesting for the energy markets.

The leading US service providers are growing their customer base and adding more use cases to their portfolio

Two of the leading connected home service providers were exhibiting this year at the CES: Vivint and Xfinity (Comcast). In a country with around 125M homes, Vivint (a specialist connected home service provider) has secured around 1.2M customers and Xfinity around 0.7M. Vivint drew the most attention at the show with a nicely designed ‘mock house’ displaying different connected home use cases across the home. Its customers have on average 15 connected devices installed and are typically adding a few every year. To attract customers to buy more devices, Vivint offers financing up to 5 years. More interestingly, VivintSolar (a different company from Vivint smart home) has around 100,000 customers and the companies have announced a partnership where customers would get insights into current and historical energy usage and generation, through the Vivint smart home app. This will be used for the energy management service offered by Vivint smart home, which will also include its SkyControl panel, a smart thermostat and a range of sensors.

The retail part of the connected home market is developing through peace of mind, climate control, voice control and home automation offerings

Here are a few innovative energy related ideas from the CES Sands Expo where hundreds of young start-ups gathered:

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