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Delta-ee's Green Team aims to cut carbon emissions

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We don’t just help others in the energy sector – we like to make a real difference ourselves, too. That's where the Green Team comes in.

What does the Green Team do?

green team blog binDelta-ee’s Green Team meets regularly to discuss the things we can do in the workplace to make sure we’re as environmentally friendly as we can be. In the last few months we have already added another recycling bin to our collection, offset the carbon footprint caused by our business travel by purchasing carbon credits, and ensured all our tea and coffee supplies are bought from a sustainable supplier! Looking forward, we're hoping to organise staff volunteering days.

The DoNation Campaign

For the past two months, the team has been signed up to a DoNation campaign. DoNation – – is a platform that both individuals and organisations can use to record pledges with the aim of having a positive impact on the planet. These pledges, whether it’s something as small as turning the lights off when you leave the room or making sure you boil the right amount of water for your cup of tea, or something as big as walking instead of using your car or not taking a domestic flight – well, they all add up to make a huge difference.

Split into three teams (because who doesn’t love a little competition between colleagues?) staff got to work, with everyone selecting pledges they could make to help. Team leader Matthew Myers, an Analyst in our Cambridge office, made eight pledges himself and thoroughly supports the campaign.

“I have enjoyed the competitive nature of the campaign – everyone has been engaged and has stretched themselves in terms of the pledges they made. It’s great getting everyone in the office involved in thinking about ways to reduce their environmental footprint and acting to do so!”

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While Matt was busy checking whether or not he was eating sustainable fish, and shortening his shower times with the help of this free shower timer, our Office Manager Sarah Blair ate a mostly vegetarian diet for two months and stopped consuming products that used palm oil.

She says, “it was surprisingly easy to give up meat for all but one meal a week. I tried lots of new recipes and it’s definitely made me depend less on meat and fish at dinner times. Giving up palm oil was quite hard, though – it’s in a surprising number of products!”

What impact have we had so far?

green team blog car

In total, staff members have made 108 pledges between them and have so far confirmed 1,629kg of CO2 savings, with more to come. This is the equivalent of 1,738 pounds of burned coal, or almost 1/5 of a home’s energy use for one year – not bad for a company with under 40 staff members. It also matches the greenhouse gas emissions from an average car driven for 3,904 miles – the same as driving from our Edinburgh office to our Cambridge office and back again, more than five times! If that’s what we can achieve in two months, think of what we could do in a year or more.

The Green Team is an important part of the culture here at Delta-ee. As we support our clients as they navigate the transformation of the energy sector, and look towards a low-carbon future, we ourselves try to make a difference to the environment where we can. If we all make a small pledge – not just for two months, but for longer – we can make a big difference.

If you have any suggestions for what the Green Team could do in the future, or you have any stories to share regarding what has worked well for you in the past, email and let us know.

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