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Delta-ee launches brand new Customer Panel

HIS PanelWe are very excited to announce the launch of the Delta-ee Customer Panel. This is a brand new resource made up of 1,000 panellists who will participate in a series of research exercises – to be conducted mainly as part of our ‘Heat Insight Service’ (HIS) programme for 2016/17.

The panel is made up of a highly-representative sample of UK homeowners – whose views, feedback and experiences will provide unique insight as we help our clients identify the key opportunities for growth in the domestic heating sector (which, irrespective of recent political events, will remain the continent’s largest heating market).

Key uses of our panel will include testing new business models and identifying key customer profiles.

Throughout the year we will conduct a range of research exercises with our panel members – including on-line surveys e.g. to benchmark customer views on heating technologies or concept test new business models that are emerging in the energy market (like heat leasing or power purchase agreements), or to identify key customer profiles (those most likely ‘to do something’).

We will also carry out in-depth interviews or online focus groups – with almost limitless sub-sets of interesting customer groups (like those whose heating system is nearing replacement, or who own an electric vehicle, etc.).

Why a customer panel? Why now? What’s next?

It’s an easy and low-cost way to test new customer propositions.  In the UK, particularly in light of the recent CMA review into the energy market, a lot more innovation may start happening in the market – particularly regarding new types of tariffs and bundling of tariffs with products and/or related energy services (e.g. ‘heat pump tariffs’).  The panel will provide our clients with an efficient forum to quickly test and gather evidence of what propositions work best with what types of customer.

We have already begun using the panel as a primary research tool for our HIS research, with the first report due early July, and I’ll be sharing a few highlights from this on-line survey in my next blog so watch this space, and contact me for more info.
Access to the Delta-ee Customer Panel is available through an annual subscription to the Delta-ee Heat Insight Service (HIS). To learn the other benefits of the HIS click here, and a brochure giving more detail on the structure and programme for the customer panel is available here.
The panel can also be accessed for bespoke consultancy.

Feel free to get in touch with me for all relevant enquiries: (Heat Insight Service manager); +44(0)131 625 1003.

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