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Delta-ee European Heat Summit 2017: exploring key issues, opportunities and challenges in ‘heat’

On the 8th June 2017, Delta-ee held its first ever European Heat Summit, in Edinburgh, bringing together its subscribers and other selected stakeholders from the heating, energy and services sectors. Eighty delegates discussed, explored and debated key challenges and opportunities – and how companies are responding to these.

This Summit was held to allow our subscribers and research contacts to gain insight into the emerging disruption of the European heating market, and what that means in terms of policy, technology, stakeholders and business models. The broad topic range and small scale of this event also generated “some of the best networking opportunities in recent years”.

Some of the organisations represented at the Summit are shown below.


“Disruption” was a common theme of the event – in response to an interactive poll, delegates described heat as shown below. In every session, it became clear that change and disruption is coming to the heating sector – although with a recognition that the sector can be slow moving.


Our top four takeaways:

  1. Policies to decarbonise residential heat are already impacting the market – but the rate and direction of these policy drivers vary from country to country.

  2. There is increasing system complexity (heating system, energy system, and connectivity) and improvements in technology – but consumers (and installers) want simplicity. This is creating opportunities for new players.

  3. The industry is investing in the current supply chain to support existing channels, but innovation is already growing in new channels (more direct) and new propositions (heat or product-as-a-service).

  4. Dynamic control of installed electric heating has started – and will grow quickly. 


If you have any questions about these events or would like to discuss a particular part of the programme please let us know. Full details can be found at the link below and slides are available through our subscriber webpages:

European Heat Summit

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