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Hydrogen versus electrification

It is a sad indictment of humankind that we always seem to feel the need for an adversarial approach to life, particularly when it includes the future of our planet.   

We all recognise that there is an urgent need to develop a sustainable energy system, no longer dependent on finite fossil fuels. Given that, one might imagine that we would all be seeking the optimum solutions for each and every energy need, instead of insisting that our personally preferred technology should be used for every application.   

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The New Energy Letter: November 2020

Since our last new energy letter, the European Commission has published its long-awaited Renovation Wave Strategy, revealing of the extent of Europe’s decarbonisation ambitions in existing buildings – arguably the most challenging sector to decarbonise. The renovation wave strategy is making ripples, which could become a tidal wave of transformation for our existing building stock, with energy efficiency and the uptake of low carbon heating standing to make vast gains.

But this scale of change will only be unlocked if the market is swept along too – if member states follow through on the strategy recommendations, and if private investment is unlocked at the scale envisaged. So which parts of the renovation wave strategy give me something to be optimistic about?

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Blockchain for Local Energy Systems: is it really going to change the world?

Delta-EE has been looking at blockchain for a while now but, despite the hype, has so far found little evidence that it is making any significant contribution to new energy.  

So why is there so much hype around blockchain?

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Regulation and policy critical to the future of new energy

Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe was recently joined by representatives from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to discuss the role of policy and regulation in the energy transition.

Regulation and policy play a critical role, both with competitive networks and markets, but they were typically built around old energy. There is now a need to evolve, facilitate and lead the way to new energy.

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MoneySavingExpert has over 4.5m members in its Energy Club, but will customers ever convert to auto-switching?

Here at Delta-EE, we have been talking about auto-switching as an important, emerging trend for a very long time.  As long ago as May 2017, my colleague Jenny Carson posed the question, “Is the energy industry underestimating its potential to mix things up?”, noting in passing the added appeal of completely free variants of the concept, based on Delta-EE’s own customer research.

The lingering doubt, as with any innovation, was whether it would all just prove to be a passing fad. By the time we revisited the topic in late 2018, we had, however, identified no fewer than 20 auto-switchers across the globe, which suggested, if nothing else, that a lot of entrepreneurs thought it was just as promising an idea as we did.  But the uncertainty remained, with few of the major price comparison sites climbing on board, and some of the first auto-switch companies, such as Voltz (UK) and Wechselfuchs (DE), disappearing almost as quickly as they had first appeared. 

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How much cheaper is it to run an EV? And, should I get an EV tariff?

One of the most cited benefits of switching to an EV is that ‘the running costs of an EV are significantly cheaper than an ICE vehicle’, but how much cheaper is it really? Evidently this is something which is very hard to quantify. To add to this difficulty, electricity suppliers across Europe are building lucrative promotions to win more and more EV owner customers. Will the typical EV owner save money by switching to an EV tariff?

At Delta-EE we believe these are two questions which need some attention. So, in this blog – and in recognition of the inaugural World EV Day – I want to share the results from the EV team’s latest analysis – a deep dive into the costs of home EV charging across Europe.

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