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How much of a challenge do hydrogen boilers present to networks?

Europe has built up one of the best gas distribution infrastructures in the world. There's one problem, though. Today it distributes natural gas, a fuel that will hardly be able to use if we're to reach net zero targets in the future. So, can we use this infrastructure instead for clean hydrogen, either blended with natural gas as a stepping stone to net zero or with pure hydrogen in the future? 

Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe was joined on Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE, by Eva Hennig, chair of Eurogas’ Distribution Committee and Head of Department for EU Energy Policy, Thüga; Keith Owen, Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy and Northern Gas Networks in the UK; and Delta-EE Analyst Robert Castek. They discuss whether the degree to which hydrogen can be used in networks – both blended with natural gas in gas distribution networks, and with pure hydrogen flowing through networks.  

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What will the energy transition see happen in 2021? Predictions from our new energy experts

The New Energy Business Model team have been gazing into their crystal ball - borrowed from the Talking New Energy team - to predict what 2021 will bring for the energy transition. As ever, they don’t agree on everything. What do you think of their predictions and what do you believe 2021 has in store? Get in touch and let us know.

Andy Bradley, Director

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New Energy - What do customers think?

Customer research is a vital part of what Delta-EE does, looking in-depth at the needs and wants of energy customers as they become an increasingly important part of the energy transition. With the recent publication of Delta-EE’s report The New Energy Consumer: Who are they and what do they want?, host Jon Slowe was joined on a recent episode of Talking New Energy – the podcast from Delta-EE – by Principal Analyst David Trevithick and Analyst Lodovico Di Deodato. They discuss how companies are using customer insight to develop their business models and propositions for the future. 

David Trevithick says, “consumers are a part of the decarbonisation equation, so we need to bring the customer on the energy transition with us. And to do that as industry, we need to really and deeply understand them: what makes them tick, how they live their lives, their energy-related needs, motivations and preferences. And remember, of course, this varies between us all.  

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Will microgrids become increasingly important in the European energy sector?

When presenting this question to product managers, engineers, and business developers in market leading companies in the European energy sector, I discovered a world of potential for many different applications; not only in remote areas where they would normally be implemented but also in grid connected spaces with operational needs to be fulfilled.

I learned how complex microgrids can be, especially if based on intermittent renewable energy sources. But I also discovered how flexible they could be and how they could help the wider energy system that is becoming increasingly challenged both by generation connected at low voltage levels and new demands for electricity for heating and mobility.

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2020 was the year that European EV adoption exploded so which market do you enter next?

For eMobility, 2020 was demonstrably different to all years preceding it. Amid a slump of car and van sales across the continent, electric vehicles (EVs) hit the headlines for sharp increases in deliveries and resulting gains in vehicle market share.

While this growth trend has been felt consistently across Europe, all markets are not equal. Any business with a multi-national EV strategy will be exploring this with a variety of metrics to measure the size of the EV opportunity in 2021.

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Unlocking the opportunity for residential flexibility through standardisation

Demand side flexibility across Europe is growing. It’s multidimensional, from residential to commercial and industrial customers, kilowatts to kilowatt hours, and networks to electricity markets. But how are businesses seizing the opportunities it provides?

In a recent episode of Talking New Energy, the podcast from Delta-EE, host and Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe discussed the issues of standards and operability with guests Adriaan van Eck from the Flexibility Alliance Network, Nina Klein from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and Lucinda Murley, Delta-EE Analyst.

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