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Will supports a wide range of consulting projects related to various distributed energy and low carbon technology topics. He is based at Delta Energy & Environment's new Cambridge office.

Will holds an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development  from the University of Cambridge as well as a BSc (Eng) (distinction) in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town where he graduated third in his class.

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1 million publicly funded EV chargepoints in Europe by 2025 - Why and how the ‘green bounceback’ will stimulate public EV charging

There is little doubt that COVID-19 has been a difficult time for chargepoint operators (CPOs) - the majority of which are already making a loss. This is primarily due to the significant reduction in the utilisation rates of public chargepoints. In fact, according to Zap-Map, in the UK, there has been a 60% reduction of EV drivers using public chargepoints. The story will be similar across Europe with some expecting the industry to be in recovery mode until 2025. This paints a picture of doom and gloom for players involved in public charging.

But have us analysts been too quick to jump to negative conclusions? Is there actually light at the end of the tunnel for CPOs? Europe’s response to the COVID-19 crisis provides some reason for optimism and may result in the answer to these questions being ‘Yes’. By focusing first on a national level and then on an international level, I’ll explain why.

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Customer preferences put energy suppliers in a strong place to deliver smart charging

As we have previously mentioned, smart charging has become a common part of everyday vocabulary if you are in any way interested in the future of the energy industry. As EV uptake rates continue to grow and the associated impact on the electricity grid becomes clearer, the conversation around smart charging has evolved from asking if smart charging is required to the more nuanced questions of how should smart charging be delivered to the customer and who should deliver it.

How should smart charging be delivered to the customer?

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How will smart charging be delivered to the customer?

The recent announcement of SSEN’s proposed interim solution for managed charging on their network is yet another indication that the electricity system is viewing smart charging as a solution to safeguard their networks from load increases due to EV uptake. The consensus that smart charging is required naturally leads one to question: what is the best approach to implement smart charging? This is a hotly debated topic within the industry and I’m sure we will see different approaches taken from a variety of players. However, one less frequently asked question is: what are the best available technical solutions to deliver smart charging to the customer?

One less frequently asked question is: what are the best available technical solutions to deliver smart charging to the customer?

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With a sizeable prize up for grabs, the battle for EV customers begins

For utilities, the rise of EVs presents as much opportunity as it does threat, as a recent blog from my colleague Jon Slowe has described, so let’s unpick the opportunity, and discuss how new-entrant energy supplier Octopus Energy is positioning itself to capture part of the prize.

Octopus Energy is a good example of an innovative, agile player that is moving quickly. With less and less doubt about the future value at stake, a key question is how companies can go about capturing this value and avoid being left behind?

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Microgrids – a blockchain beneficiary?

In a previous blog post, fellow Analyst Tom Jamieson introduced the concept of using blockchain technology in the energy sector. In this post we’ll introduce how a particular use case of the technology, peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, could have a positive impact on microgrids.

Microgrids, as discussed previously in a Delta-ee blog post  and webinar, are fast becoming a key topic of commercial relevance in many global markets. This is due to an increasingly distributed energy system, rapidly falling energy storage costs, and a growing demand for flexibility and energy autonomy among other aspects.

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