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Tessa Clark joined Delta-EE in 2019 as a Senior Analyst in the Consulting team and works across a variety of new energy topics. She has over ten years’ experience in the energy sector in research, consulting and management roles and is an experienced project manager. Since joining Delta-EE, Tessa has led consulting assignments for policy clients, energy suppliers, gas and electricity network operators and energy associations. Tessa is skilled in a range of research techniques, with an expertise in customer research.

Tessa previously managed the Scottish Home Renewables programme at the Energy Saving Trust, including a Scotland-wide advice service and loan scheme. Prior to this, she spent six years managing research projects at environmental charity Changeworks.  

Tessa holds a BSc (Hons) in Geography and MSc in Ecological Economics, both from the University of Edinburgh. She holds an APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ).

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How can network operators support the vulnerable customer of the future?

A couple looking worried about their electricity bills

The energy transition will change the way customers use and interact with energy – opportunities to play a more active and important role will arise with the emergence of new products and services. As the electrification of heat and transport gathers pace, customers will also be increasingly reliant on electricity to meet their energy needs. What does this mean for vulnerable customers and what role can DSOs play to support them, so no one is left out?

To answer this, we firstly need to understand who the vulnerable customer of the future might be. As the energy transition evolves, customer vulnerability will also change. New types of vulnerability may emerge relating to:

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