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The top takeaways from the European Heat Pump Summit

The European Heat Pump Summit (powered by Chillventa) is always eagerly anticipated by the heat team at Delta-EE. This year was no exception, with a packed agenda discussing the current state of the art in the design of all types of heat pump, and applications spanning from domestic to industrial, from low temperature to high temperature, and using a wide range of refrigerants. Contributions came from further afield than just the EU with India, Japan and China being notable contributors. 

Given the wide range of topics up for discussion, what were the key takeaways? My top three are given below:

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“Blue” or “green” is a misnomer: development of a hydrogen sector needs bulk “clean” hydrogen

As part of the ongoing research of Delta-ee’s Gas Heating Service ( on “Hydrogen for Heat”, I recently attended the H2FC SUPERGEN Conference, a meeting of both academia and industry stakeholders primarily from the UK that operate across the fuel cell and wider hydrogen sector. Although there were many interesting sessions, the take-home message from this conference that challenged my thoughts and those of Delta-ee was the move in thinking from blue or green to blue then green.

Bulk supply of “clean” hydrogen is key to establishing a hydrogen sector

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