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Matthew’s primary role is to provide support to a wide range of consulting projects, both in terms of delivery and project management. He has worked across a range of topics but mostly specialises in topics related to domestic heat and electricity, including: markets for low-carbon heating technologies and the electrification of heat (from a networks perspective).

Matthew holds an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development (distinction) from the University of Cambridge as well as MSc(Eng) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. His undergraduate degree was in Chemical Engineering (distinction) also from the University of Cape Town. Matthew has also earned the Certified Associate Project Manager qualification issued by the PMI and the Certified Project Manager qualification issued by the BVOP.

Can local energy communities and DSO flexibility co-exist?

These are two hot topics that have currently been making headlines across the industry. Let’s take a closer look.

‘DSO flexibility’ refers to the specific value products created by DSOs to incentivise flexibility providers to offer demand-side flexibility services. These services are used to help manage network constraints and/or maintain security of supply. The ‘flexibility’ referred to is the explicit call for demand turn down or generation turn up on the customer side of the meter.

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How quickly will demand side flexibility become business as usual for European DSOs?

In late 2019 we completed a major study into the market status, challenges and lessons learnt for European Distribution System Operators (DSOs) using demand side flexibility to manage their networks.

The study identified that the UK is the leading market in Europe – and probably the world - in terms of DSOs utilising demand side flexibility, with the Netherlands quite close behind. In most other countries, projects have not moved beyond pilots or trials.

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Households MADE to deliver the energy transition

Managing domestic energy assets for the benefit of households and networks

Homes of the future will increasingly have multiple energy assets such as electric vehicles (EVs), , solar PV and battery storage systems. The MADE (Multi Asset Demand Execution) project is all about understanding how to manage these multiple energy assets in a way that is both beneficial to the homeowner and the energy networks.

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Integrated home heating – the importance of protocols and APIs

Delta-ee recently completed a consultancy piece for the Energy Systems Catapult looking at the integrated home energy landscape as it relates to heat pumps. In our work, we covered many aspects related to the integrated home heating market as well as the heat pump market supply chain. Here I discuss where we see this space is going.

Currently, many connected home devices and heating systems are siloed in their operation and are not fully interoperable. It often requires effort to integrate different parts of the system by homeowners or professionals. This is likely to change in the future.

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Addressing the rural challenge - electrifying off-gas grid heating

Towards the end of 2018, my colleagues and I finished working on a project for the UK Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) looking into the ‘Technical Feasibility of Electric Heating in Rural Off-Gas Grid Dwellings’. This was an important project examining the often forgotten off-gas grid sector. The results from this work helped inform BEIS’ response to the call for evidence on the future framework for heat in buildings.

Why off-gas grid homes?

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Hydrogen – best for your heat, or for your fleet?

The potential for hydrogen is emerging

There is a range of stakeholders across the energy landscape looking at hydrogen through a new lens. Why the fuss? Simply put, hydrogen has the potential to help us solve some of the most pressing energy challenges in the decades to come. However, the timeline is important, therefore ‘decades’ is the key word here, as it is unlikely that pure hydrogen will be flowing through the gas mains or into your car in the next few months or even the next few years. But there is huge potential. Hydrogen is an energy vector that can be used for a range of heat, transport and power generation applications. See Cate Lyon’s blog for more on hydrogen and its relation to domestic heat here. The big question is where can it best be used?

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