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Lucinda joined Delta-EE in 2019 to work across the Local Energy Systems, Flexibility and Storage services. She brings expertise in transitioning towards subsidy-free local energy systems having completed her masters dissertation on the topic. Lucinda is supporting research delivery by conducting primary and secondary research with a wide range of industry stakeholders.

Lucinda holds an MSc in Carbon Management (distinction) from the University of Edinburgh and a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Exeter. 

Developing Prosumer Business Models

With the continuing reduction of subsidies for new renewable generation across Europe, new business models for prosumers are paramount if we are to maintain the levels of growth we have seen so far.

I recently attended a virtual workshop on redesigning the future of prosumer business models. As part of the workshop there was a discussion around our local energy system vision for 2050: in an ideal world what would local, decentralised energy look like in 2050? This prompted a range of ideas to be discussed ranging from technology advancement to new regulations incentivising decentralised energy. This conversation has allowed me to reflect on a few key aspects that I believe will lead to successful local energy systems by 2050.   

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The importance of equality and boundaries in local energy systems


The EnergyREV workshop in London last week focused on measuring performance of smart local energy systems. The event was attended by a variety of stakeholders, ranging from academics to utilities and those directly involved with creating local energy systems.

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Smart Energy Summit 2019: the rise of the prosumer

Last week we attended the Smart Energy Summit in Brussels. This year the focus was on prosumers and how a wider range of actors can make meaningful changes to our increasingly integrated energy system.

My key takeaway from the summit was the overwhelming sense to highlight the need for greater levels of system integration with active involvement from end users and within our energy system.

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LCNI Conference 2019: the DNOs leading the way

Keynote speech at LCNI 2019

Last week Delta-EE attended the 2019 Low Carbon Network Innovation conference in Glasgow. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the range of innovation projects DNOs are currently developing and to discuss our transition to a low-carbon energy system.  

The growth of distributed renewable energy is widely regarded as a positive step towards the UK meeting its 2050 net-zero climate target. However, whilst this goal is necessary there is no escaping the challenges it presents for the electricity networks. Distribution networks in the UK are being required to accommodate ever increasing amounts of intermittent renewable generation such as solar PV, and wind. At the same time, they have been called upon to support the electrification of heat and transport with rapidly increasing demand for EV charging and heat pumps. Both present challenges.  

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