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Lodovica joined Delta-EE in 2020 to work across the Local Energy Systems and support other services. She brings in her technical knowledge of RES combined with a broad understanding of European energy markets and energy policies. She has previously worked in capacity building in R&D sector for higher educational institutions in the field of climate change under the frame of a European funded project with focus on the South-East Asia region. Lodovica is supporting research delivery by conducting primary and secondary research with a wide range of industry stakeholders.

Lodovica holds an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management from the University of Freiburg (DE) and a BA in Energy Engineering from “La Sapienza”, University of Rome (IT). 

Will microgrids become increasingly important in the European energy sector?

When presenting this question to product managers, engineers, and business developers in market leading companies in the European energy sector, I discovered a world of potential for many different applications; not only in remote areas where they would normally be implemented but also in grid connected spaces with operational needs to be fulfilled.

I learned how complex microgrids can be, especially if based on intermittent renewable energy sources. But I also discovered how flexible they could be and how they could help the wider energy system that is becoming increasingly challenged both by generation connected at low voltage levels and new demands for electricity for heating and mobility.

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