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Kitty supports a wide range of research projects, principally the ‘New Energy’ Business Models, Connected Homes, and Customer Data Analytics Services. Prior to joining Delta-ee, she worked for Community Energy Scotland supporting the development of renewable energy projects in communities across Scotland, and blogged for Creative Carbon Scotland about the role of the arts in transitioning to a low-carbon society. She is also a part-time tutor in Carbon Economics, Climate Change Measurement, and Energy & Climate at the University of Edinburgh.

Kitty holds an MSc (Distinction) in Carbon Management and a first class MA (Hons) in Philosophy, both from the University of Edinburgh. 

+44 (0)131 625 1006

Caesar’s Decree – Will large utilities survive this gladiatorial battle?

Imagine the energy transition is a great Gladiatorial Games – the largest since the Industrial Revolution. The battle-hardened gladiators of Games past must now prove their mettle against unprecedented obstacles, including:

More warriors than ever beforeInnovative weaponsNew styles of fighting andAn ever-shifting arena

Watching Ridley Scott’s epic ‘Gladiator’ for the umpteenth time, keenly following the plight of Maximus Decimus Meridius (commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, Father to a murdered son and so on), it was this curious thought that occurred to me.

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