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Kathryn’s role as Marketing Executive involves a range of tasks across the business including: website development, event planning, content creation, quality control and running the company's social media accounts. If it's related to marketing, she's probably involved!

Prior to working for Delta-ee, Kathryn worked in higher education and the serviced office industry. She holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Portsmouth and is currently studying for a CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing.

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How Brussels is pointing the direction for the European energy transition

All personal opinions regarding Brexit aside, there’s no denying that the European Commission and European Union has a huge influence over the energy sector. Recent episode of Talking New Energy, the Delta-EE podcast, focuses on what the latest policy coming out of the EU means for the energy transition. 

As Frauke Thies, Executive Director at SmartEn, explains, organisations such as SmartEn help their members understand the legislation coming out of the European Union and how it affects them. It is not always easy to help countries understand the influence of the EU, but its influence is paramount. Take the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, for example, which has set the target for member states to achieve nearly zero energy buildings in new builds. In the future this will push towards achieving a renovation of building stock as well. 

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Auto-switching: will energy customers relinquish control?

Auto-switching* is more than a concept – it’s emerging from Austria to America, Great Britain to Germany.  From Look After My Bills’ appearance on the UK’s Dragons’ Den, to articles a-plenty appearing across the news, it’s slowly but surely entering the mind of the public. But while energy consumers are gradually becoming more aware of auto-switching, although by concept rather than name, it’s still being met with suspicion by some. How can customers be assured they will, in fact, be given the best deal? Is it really as easy as it sounds? Where’s the catch?

In the first episode of Talking New Energy, the new podcast from Delta-ee, we discussed the important issues driving auto-switching forward, and the roadblocks standing in its way. Find out more headlines below.

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"Fleets are one of the most exciting customer groups in 2019"

Alex Lewis-Jones, EVs & Electricity research manager

With electric vehicles making an increasing impact at the forefront of the energy transition, it makes sense to consider the impact of electric vehicle fleets and the value chain of fleet EV charging that businesses can take advantage of. In advance of the team’s upcoming webinar, we spoke to Delta-ee electric vehicle expert Alex Lewis-Jones to learn more about this research.

How do you define a fleet?

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Edinburgh Science Festival's 'Ecoville' shows a snapshot of a low carbon future

During the rush of the Easter bank holiday weekend, I stumbled across the Edinburgh International Science Festival’s Ecoville. Nestled neatly on The Mound next to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, this EDF Energy-sponsored event is in prime position to catch the eye of passers-by.

So, what is Ecoville all about?

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Delta-ee's Green Team aims to cut carbon emissions

We don’t just help others in the energy sector – we like to make a real difference ourselves, too. That's where the Green Team comes in.

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The impact of changes to RHI tariffs on the UK heat pump market

The latest Delta-ee podcast focuses on the impact of the latest changes to the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) tariffs and the impact they will have on the UK heat pump market.

Steven Ashurst, Senior Analyst and Micro-CHP Research Service Manager, and Lukas Bergmann, Senior Analyst and Heat Pump Research Service Manager, suggest the changes in tariff point towards a positive future for air source heat pumps.

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