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Jon has over fifteen years experience in the decentralised energy and low carbon sectors. A founding director of Delta-ee, he leads our work with utilities, helping them develop decentralised energy and low carbon strategies and tactics. Jon’s expertise spans the decentralised energy space, with a particular interest in microgeneration, low carbon strategies and the integration of decentralised resources into energy systems. Previously Jon worked for Platts, managing E Source’s distributed energy research, and the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

Nissan takes a step further in to new energy

EV and PV

Timing of external events can go for or against you. After my last blog highlighted the ongoing battle for owning EV charging and energy management in the home, Nissan’s launch of a solar offering in the UK was perfectly timed as I sat down to write about how automotive companies are edging into what some utilities will consider to be their own territory.

Some see Nissan’s work with V2G, storage and second life batteries as primarily learning and positioning exercises, helping them better understand these topics and link themselves to renewable energy for the benefit of their core business: selling cars. But the launch of their solar offering means that it’s becoming harder and harder to have a high level of confidence in this view.

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What will electric vehicle take-off mean for the electricity sector?

EVs 2

At the most simplistic level an answer is “more demand for electricity? Hooray!”

Peel back the layers of the onion (in this case a big juicy onion) a little more, and you might have some more detailed answers.

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UK Government fires the starting gun for the ‘New Energy’ Race



The UK Government has fired the gun for the ‘new energy’ race, with a clear indication that it is putting flexibility closer to the heart of Britain’s electricity system. Starting guns have also been fired in a few other European countries with some races likely to start in the (near) future.

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All change in channels to market for heat?

heating blog


In my last blog I talked about the five factors that are starting to drive disruption in heating markets, which we’ll be unpicking at our European Heat Summit in early June. Now I’m going to focus in on how these five factors will drive changes in the traditional route to market of manufacturer -> wholesaler -> installer -> customer.

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European heating: a market on the cusp of disruption

iStock 624547296

At Delta-ee we’ve been analysing and researching the heating market for over 10 years. We think it’s interesting - even fascinating! To many though it is a market that is stable, slow moving and hard to break into (many have the scars from trying to do so). We agree in many ways it has been like this, but we firmly believe it won’t be in the future. There will be some big winners from this change – and some big losers.

There are several factors contributing to the disruption of the market and we will discuss these in-depth at our upcoming European Heat Summit. Visit to view the programme and register for this exclusive event. For now, read on to find out more about five of the most influential factors in the market at the moment.

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How "services" and "digital" are disrupting the heating markets - and soon the energy retail markets.

iStock 10295716 SMALL

Time flies. I first blogged about Thermondo in October 2014, pointing out how I believed it could shake up the German heating market. One and a half years later they are in the very early stages of doing precisely this, and recently raised €23.5M to drive their growth into, in their words, “an integrated energy company in a distributed world of energy”. I visited the company’s headquarters in Berlin last week and thought I’d share some of my latest thoughts in this blog.

I previously characterised Thermondo as disrupting the traditional route to market for heating systems, by offering a 21st century way for customers to buy a new heating system and have it installed. They have been executing on precisely this over the last couple of years. Customers complete a survey and upload photographs of their heating system, receiving a firm quote from Thermondo whose software optimises the best solution for the customer. The company’s in-house installation teams across the country then carry out the installation. Thermondo is now installing thousands of heating systems a year in this way. The numbers are small in relation to the overall heating market: their challenge now is to get to scale, and as you’ll see below, broaden their offering.

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