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Jon has over fifteen years experience in the decentralised energy and low carbon sectors. A founding director of Delta-ee, he leads our work with utilities, helping them develop decentralised energy and low carbon strategies and tactics. Jon’s expertise spans the decentralised energy space, with a particular interest in microgeneration, low carbon strategies and the integration of decentralised resources into energy systems. Previously Jon worked for Platts, managing E Source’s distributed energy research, and the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

The New Energy Letter: January 2020

The energy system’s going to get much, much more localised. Maybe you don’t think that’s big news? With photovoltaics appearing on more and more rooftops, and storage in homes, isn’t this obvious? In my opinion what you see today is just the very tip of the iceberg.

In the past, economies of scale, dependence on bulk extraction of fossil fuel for generation, and inflexible demand dictated a paradigm of bigger is better, and optimisation of energy systems at the largest possible scale. The rationale for this paradigm no longer holds. Non-fossil fuel forms of generation and storage are deployable cost-effectively at small scale; demand is increasingly flexible; and data, software and analytics can be used for sophisticated optimisation of generation, network assets, storage and demand.

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Six takeaways from European Utility Week 2019

European Utility Week in Paris this year saw over 18,000 visitors cross its doors. We had our own stand there, where we met clients new and old, and we presented on two of the hottest topics in new energy at hub sessions: electric vehicles and demand-side flexibility.

Following the event, the team decided to summarise their key takeaways. We’d be interested to know your thoughts on what we considered the standout themes and whether you agree with us.

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Having the right approach to installation and maintenance capability will be critical to ensuring new energy success

Everyone knows that the future of energy will be much more distributed. Technologies such as EV chargers, heat pumps, batteries, solar panels, and smart controls will be installed in greater and greater numbers.

More and more customers will buy services built around these products. Building such services or subscription business, or offering bundles of products, is where many companies are rightly heading.

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The New Energy Letter: August 2019

How to avoid the fate of Kodak in the energy transition?

Kodak didn’t fail because it didn’t know about digital cameras. In fact, it developed one of the first consumer digital cameras and in 2005 was the largest seller of digital cameras in the US. But in 2011 its share price fell by 80%, and in 2012 it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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The Delta-ee New Energy Summit 2019: The key takeaways

We recently held our first New Energy Summit, in Amsterdam, on the 28-29th of May 2019.

The event brought together over 100 industry stakeholders ranging from energy suppliers, hardware manufacturers, data specialists, retailers, to insurance providers across Europe and beyond.

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The New Energy Letter: May 2019

Influencing and controlling the timing of demand will be a core competence of companies in the electricity value chain.

The electricity value chain is increasingly focusing on the timing of demand. Less and less about the quantity of electricity generated and sold. More about kWs and kWhs at particular times.

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